Jehovah promised a restoration of true worship at the temple in Jerusalem. But after the exiles returned from Babylon, there were numerous obstacles, including a royal decree to halt construction. Many feared that the work would never be completed.

  1. c. 537 B.C.E.

    Cyrus decreed that the temple be rebuilt

  2. 3:3

    Seventh month

    Altar set up; sacrifices offered

  3. 3:10, 11

    536 B.C.E.

    Foundation laid

  4. 4:23, 24

    522 B.C.E.

    King Artaxerxes stopped construction

  5. 5:1, 2

    520 B.C.E.

    Zechariah and Haggai encouraged the people to resume construction

  6. 6:15

    515 B.C.E.

    Temple completed