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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Sample Presentations

Sample Presentations


Question: Do you think that the world would be a better place if everyone lived by this principle?

Scripture: Heb 13:18

Offer: The Bible encourages us to be honest in all things. So honesty touches every aspect of our life. That’s the topic of this issue of The Watchtower.

THE WATCHTOWER (back page)

Question: I’d like to hear your opinion on this question. [Read the first question.] Some people believe that after we die we live on in another form, while others feel that death is the end of everything. What do you believe?

Scripture: Ec 9:5

Offer: This article explains more about what the Bible says on this topic. Why not read it over? Then we can discuss this at another time.


Offer: I stopped by to tell you about our free Bible study course. This brochure shows where in your Bible you can find answers to important questions.

Question: Have you ever read the Bible? Let me show you how easy the lessons are in this brochure. [Consider question 1 in lesson 2.]

Scripture: Re 4:11


Use the format in the preceding examples to create your own field service presentation.