Jesus used the wheat and the weeds to illustrate how and when he would take out of mankind the entire wheat class of anointed Christians, beginning in 33 C.E.


‘A man sowed fine seed in his field’

  • Sower: Jesus Christ

  • Fine seed is sown: Jesus’ disciples are anointed with holy spirit

  • The field: The world of mankind


“While men were sleeping, his enemy came and oversowed weeds”

  • Enemy: The Devil

  • Men were sleeping: Death of the apostles


“Let both grow together until the harvest”

  • Wheat: Anointed Christians

  • Weeds: Imitation Christians

“First collect the weeds . . . ; then gather the wheat”

  • Slaves/​reapers: Angels

  • Weeds collected: Imitation Christians are separated from anointed Christians

  • Gathering into the storehouse: Anointed Christians are gathered into the restored congregation

When the harvest season began, what set true Christians apart from imitation ones?

How do I personally benefit from understanding this illustration?