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Carefully Avoid Stumbling Yourself and Others

Carefully Avoid Stumbling Yourself and Others

Jesus used illustrations to teach the seriousness of being stumbled or of causing others to stumble.

18:6, 7

  • A “stumbling block” refers to an action or circumstance that leads a person to follow an improper course, to stumble or fall morally, or to fall into sin

  • A person who causes someone to stumble would be better off if he fell into the sea with a millstone hung around his neck


18:8, 9

  • Jesus counseled his followers to remove even something as precious as a hand or an eye if it causes them to stumble

  • It would be better to give up such a cherished thing and enter into God’s Kingdom than to hold on to it and end up in Gehenna, a symbol of permanent destruction

What in my life could become a stumbling block, and how can I keep from stumbling myself or others?