Just before the Passover of 32 C.E., Jesus performed a miracle, the only one that was recorded by all four Gospel writers.

By means of this miracle, Jesus set a pattern that he continues to follow in our day.


  • Jesus instructed his disciples to feed the crowds, even though they had only five loaves and two fish

  • Jesus took the loaves and fish and, after praying, began to distribute them to the disciples who, in turn, distributed them to the crowds

  • Miraculously, there was more than enough for everyone to eat. Jesus fed thousands through the hands of just a few​—his disciples

  • Jesus foretold that during the last days, he would appoint a channel to provide spiritual “food at the proper time.”​—Mt 24:45

  • In 1919, Jesus appointed “the faithful and discreet slave,” a small group of anointed brothers, over “his domestics,” those who are fed

  • By means of this small group of anointed brothers, Jesus is following the pattern he set in the first century

How can I show that I recognize and respect the channel that Jesus is using to feed people spiritually?