“The year of Jehovah’s goodwill” is not a literal year

61:1, 2

  • It is a time period during which Jehovah gives meek ones the opportunity to respond to his proclamation of freedom

  • In the first century, the year of goodwill started when Jesus began his ministry in 29 C.E. and lasted until “the day of vengeance” of Jehovah when Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 C.E.

  • In our day, the year of goodwill began with Jesus’ enthronement in heaven in 1914 and will conclude with the great tribulation

Jehovah blesses his people with “big trees of righteousness”

61:3, 4

  • The tallest trees in the world usually grow together in forests, where individual trees support one another

  • Large root systems may be intertwined, anchoring the trees and providing resistance to storms

  • Tall trees provide protective shade for saplings, and leaves that fall from the trees enrich the soil beneath

All members of the worldwide Christian congregation benefit from the support and protection of the “big trees of righteousness,” the anointed remnant