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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  February 2016


The Best Life Ever

The Best Life Ever

Many opportunities are available to young ones in Jehovah’s organization. Watch the video The Best Life Ever to see how Cameron made wise use of her youth. Then answer the questions below. (Go to, and look under BIBLE TEACHINGS > TEENAGERS.)

  • What has always been an important part of Cameron’s life?

  • When and how did she decide to expand her ministry?

  • How did she prepare to serve where the need was greater in another land?

  • What challenges did Cameron face while serving in a distant land?

  • Why may it be beneficial to serve Jehovah in a place or an environment where we have never served before?

  • What blessings did Cameron experience?

  • Why does serving Jehovah lead to the best life ever?

  • What other opportunities are available to young ones in Jehovah’s organization?