WHY IMPORTANT: People must learn Jehovah’s standards and conform to them in order to worship him acceptably. (Isa 2:3, 4) The “God’s Love” book, our second study publication, helps Bible students to discern how godly principles relate to daily life. (Heb 5:14) We must try to reach the heart when we teach them so that they may have the proper motivation to make changes.Ro 6:17.


  • Prepare well, keeping the needs of your student in mind. Formulate viewpoint questions that will help you to draw out his thoughts and feelings about the material.Pr 20:5; be 259

  • Use the boxes throughout the book to help your student see the value of applying Bible principles

  • Help your student to reason on matters of conscience, but do not make decisions for him.Ga 6:5

  • Tactfully determine if your student needs help to apply certain Bible principles. Kindly encourage him to make changes based on his love for Jehovah.Pr 27:11; Joh 14:31