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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  August 2016


Teach the Truth

Teach the Truth

Beginning in September, the Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook will include a new type of sample presentation entitled “Teach the Truth.” Our objective will be to highlight a basic Bible truth, using a question and a scripture.

If we discern interest, we can build anticipation for our next visit by leaving a publication or by showing a video from We should try to return within a few days to build on the previous discussion. The new presentations and student assignments will be based on chapter summaries found in the book What Can the Bible Teach Us? There we can find additional questions and scriptures to help us make return visits or to conduct a study using only the Bible.

There is only one road leading to life. (Mt 7:13, 14) Since we speak to people of various religions and backgrounds, we must feature Bible truths that will appeal to them as individuals. (1Ti 2:4) As we become more conversant in various Bible topics and improve in our skill of “handling the word of the truth aright,” our joy will increase, and we will have success in teaching the truth to others.2Ti 2:15.