Jehovah’s “secret place” offers spiritual security

91:1, 2, 9-14

  • Today, dedication and baptism are required for us to dwell in Jehovah’s secret place

  • This place is unknown to those who do not trust in God

  • Those in Jehovah’s secret place are not influenced by anyone and anything that could threaten their faith in God and love for him

“The birdcatcher” attempts to trap us


  • Birds are cautious, difficult to trap

  • Birdcatchers carefully study the habits of birds and devise ways to trap them

  • Satan, “the birdcatcher,” studies Jehovah’s people and sets traps designed to cause their spiritual ruin

Four of the deadly traps used by Satan:

  • Fear of Man

  • Materialism

  • Unwholesome Entertainment

  • Personal Differences