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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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April 30–​May 6

MARK 5-6

April 30–​May 6
  • Song 151 and Prayer

  • Opening Comments (3 min. or less)


  • Jesus Has the Power to Resurrect Our Dead Loved Ones”: (10 min.)

    • Mr 5:38​—The death of a loved one results in mourning

    • Mr 5:39-41​—Jesus has power over those “sleeping” in death (“has not died but is sleeping” study note on Mr 5:39, nwtsty)

    • Mr 5:42​—The future resurrection will cause “great ecstasy” (jy 118 ¶6)

  • Digging for Spiritual Gems: (8 min.)

    • Mr 5:19, 20​—Why might Jesus have departed from his usual instructions in this instance? (“report to them” study note on Mr 5:19, nwtsty)

    • Mr 6:11​—What does it mean to “shake off the dirt that is on your feet”? (“shake off the dirt that is on your feet” study note on Mr 6:11, nwtsty)

    • What has this week’s Bible reading taught you about Jehovah?

    • What other spiritual gems have you discovered in this week’s Bible reading?

  • Bible Reading: (4 min. or less) Mr 6:1-13


  • Second Return Visit: (3 min. or less) Begin with the sample conversation. Show the householder the website.

  • Third Return Visit: (3 min. or less) Choose your own scripture and linking question.

  • Bible Study: (6 min. or less) bhs 36 ¶23-24​—Show how to reach the heart.


  • Song 144

  • Skillfully Use the Tools in Our Teaching Toolbox”: (5 min.) Discussion.

  • Finding Comfort in Jehovah’s Organization: (10 min.) Discussion. Play the video. Then ask the following questions: What are some of the trials that the Peras have faced? What has helped them to endure? Why must we maintain a theocratic routine when we are facing trials?

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) jy chap. 19 ¶1-9

  • Review Followed by Preview of Next Week (3 min.)

  • Song 72 and Prayer