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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  April 2016

Sample Presentations

Sample Presentations


Offer: Here is your copy of the latest Awake!

Question: Notice the question here on page 2. May I ask your opinion?

Scripture: Lu 7:35

This article discusses how that principle applies to the Bible itself.


Question: Would you agree that these are wise words to live by?

Scripture: Mt 6:34

Offer: [Open to the article “The Bible’s Viewpoint—Anxiety.”] This article shows how the Bible can help us deal with anxiety.

Bible Teach

Question: Many who believe in God would like to feel closer to him. Did you know that the Bible invites us to draw close to God?

Scripture: Jas 4:8a

Offer: This book is designed to help us learn more about God by means of the Bible. [Highlight chapter 1 of the Bible Teach book.]



Use the format in the preceding examples to create your own field service presentation.