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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook  |  April 2016


New Feature for Starting Conversations

New Feature for Starting Conversations

Since January 2016, the back page of the public edition of The Watchtower has featured “What Does the Bible Say?” This new feature is designed to help us start conversations on Bible topics. The format is similar to that of our tracts. There is a viewpoint question followed by a Scriptural answer, as well as additional points for discussion.

Pleasant conversations on Scriptural topics often lead to Bible studies. Use this new feature to help many more to satisfy their spiritual hunger.Mt 5:6.


  1. Ask for the householder’s opinion on one of the questions

  2. Listen to and acknowledge his answer

  3. Read the scripture under the heading “What the Bible Says,” and ask for his thoughts on the verse. If he has time, continue the conversation, using a point under the heading “What Else Can We Learn From the Bible?”

  4. Offer the magazine

  5. Arrange to return and discuss the second question