Timothy was a young man who was happy to help people. He traveled to many places to help others. Because of this, he had a very exciting life. Would you like to hear about it?—

Timothy’s mother and grandmother taught him about Jehovah

Timothy grew up in a city called Lystra. When he was little, his grandmother Lois and his mother, Eunice, began teaching him about Jehovah. As Timothy grew up, he wanted to help others learn about Jehovah.

When Timothy was still a young man, Paul asked him to travel with him to preach in other places. Timothy said: ‘Yes!’ He was ready to go and help others.

 Timothy traveled with Paul to a city in Macedonia called Thessalonica. To get there, they had to walk a long way and then take a boat. When they finally arrived, they helped many people to learn about Jehovah. But some people were angry and tried to hurt them. So Paul and Timothy had to leave and preach in other places.

Timothy had a happy and exciting life

Some months later, Paul asked Timothy to go back to Thessalonica and see how the brothers were doing. It took a lot of courage to go back to that dangerous city! But Timothy went because he was worried about the brothers there. He came back to Paul with good news. The brothers in Thessalonica were doing very well!

Timothy worked with Paul for many years. Paul once wrote that Timothy was the best person he could send to help the congregations. Timothy loved Jehovah and loved people.

Do you love people and want to help them learn about Jehovah?— If you do, you can have a very happy and exciting life, just as Timothy did!