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Josiah Had Good Friends

Josiah Had Good Friends

Do you think it’s hard to do what is right?— Most people think that it is. The Bible tells us that it was especially hard for a boy named Josiah to do what was right. But he had good friends who helped him. Let’s learn more about Josiah and his friends.

Josiah’s father was Amon, a king of Judah. Amon was very bad and worshipped idols. When Josiah’s father died, Josiah became king of Judah. But he was only eight years old! Do you think he was bad like his father?— No, he was not!

Zephaniah warned the people not to worship idols

Even when he was very young, Josiah wanted to obey Jehovah. So he chose to be friends only with people who loved Jehovah. And they helped Josiah to do what was right. Who were some of Josiah’s friends?

One of his friends was Zephaniah. Zephaniah was a prophet who warned the people of Judah that bad things  would happen to them if they worshipped idols. Josiah listened to Zephaniah and worshipped Jehovah, not idols.

Another one of Josiah’s friends was Jeremiah. He was about the same age as Josiah, and they lived near each other as they were growing up. They were such good friends that when Josiah died, Jeremiah wrote a special song about how much he missed Josiah. Jeremiah and Josiah helped each other to do what was right and to obey Jehovah.

Josiah and Jeremiah helped each other to do what was right

What can you learn from Josiah’s example?— Even when Josiah was just a little boy, he wanted to do what was right. He knew that he should be friends with people who love Jehovah. Make sure that you choose friends who love Jehovah and who can help you to do what is right!