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A Secret That We Are Happy to Know

A Secret That We Are Happy to Know

Has anyone ever told you a secret?— * The Bible talks about a special secret called “the sacred secret.” It is sacred because it is from God. And it is called a secret because people did not know about it. Even angels wanted to know more about this. Would you like to know what the secret is?—

What do you think the angels were trying to find out?

A long, long time ago, God created the first man and woman. Their names were Adam and Eve. God gave them a beautiful home called the garden of Eden. If Adam and Eve had obeyed God, they and their children could have made the whole earth a paradise like that garden. And they could have lived in Paradise forever. But do you remember what Adam and Eve did?—

Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and that is why we do not live in a paradise today. But God said that he would make the whole earth beautiful, and everyone would live forever and be happy. How would he do this? For a long time, people did not know. It was a secret.

When Jesus came to earth, he taught people more about this secret. He said that it was about God’s Kingdom. Jesus told people to pray for this Kingdom to come. It will make the earth a beautiful paradise.

Are you excited to know this secret?— Remember that only those who obey Jehovah will live in Paradise. The Bible tells us many stories of men and women who obeyed Jehovah. Would you like to learn about them?— Let’s see who some of them were and how we can be like them.

^ par. 3 Throughout these stories, you will see a mark like this (—) following some questions. This is a good time to pause and let your child answer.