Buddhika explained that the things God has made also reveal some of his other qualities. He read to Sanath and Vasana this interesting verse from the Bible.

  • “How many your works are, O Jehovah! All of them in wisdom you have made. The earth is full of your productions.”​—Psalm 104:24.

“Even the tiniest insects can show us something about the wisdom of Jehovah,” Buddhika said. “For example, the Bible talks about the instinctive wisdom of the ant.”

Buddhika reminded Sanath that they had often seen ants busily nipping off pieces of leaves to carry to their nests. How do they know to do this? One of the Bible writers explained that the ant is “instinctively wise.” Who, though, made it that way? Who put this instinctive wisdom in the ant? The Bible answers that it was Jehovah, the Producer of heaven and earth.​—Proverbs 30:24, 25.

Instinctive wisdom did not come about by chance

“I have to agree that creatures with such instinctive wisdom must have had a Designer and Creator,” replied Sanath.

Buddhika then said something that made a deep impression on Sanath and Vasana: “Do you realize that our very existence depends on Jehovah’s wisdom?” They wondered how that could be.

Earth’s rotation on its axis makes life possible

Buddhika explained that it was absolutely amazing to him that conditions on the earth are just right for life to flourish. The speed of the earth’s rotation on its axis and the  speed of its movement in its orbit around the sun are such that solar energy is distributed to the planet’s surface in the best way possible. Gravity keeps earth’s vital atmosphere​—consisting of just the right mixture of gases—​from escaping. Yet, the gravitational pull is not so strong as to hamper our freedom of movement. There is also a vast supply of water, which is absolutely essential for life to continue. Even the soil is filled with nourishment that readily combines with water to be absorbed and used by plants.

“I strongly believe that it could not be by blind chance that all these things are the way they are,” said Buddhika. “I am convinced that it is the Source of unlimited wisdom, Jehovah God, who puts into operation all that is necessary for life to exist.”

Sanath and Vasana nodded in silent agreement.

Buddhika mentioned another quality of God that impressed them​—power. Sanath wanted to see what the Bible has to say about Jehovah’s power. Buddhika opened the Bible and read this verse to him:

  • “O Sovereign Lord Jehovah! Here you yourself have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm.”​—Jeremiah 32:17.

“We can get some idea of Jehovah’s great power by considering the power of the sun,” said Buddhika. “When you stand outside on a bright, sunny day, you feel the warmth of the sun, don’t you? Have you any idea how powerful the sun is?”

 “I know it can get very hot around here before the monsoon season,” answered Sanath, and Vasana agreed.

What power the Maker of the sun must have!

Buddhika told them that he had read that at the sun’s core, the temperature is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (15 million degrees Celsius). If you could take a pinhead-sized piece of the sun’s core and put it here on the earth, you could not safely stand within about 100 miles (150 km) of that tiny heat source! Every second, the sun emits energy equivalent to the explosion of many hundreds of millions of nuclear bombs.

“If the sun has such tremendous power, what power must the Maker of the sun have?” Buddhika asked. “We cannot even imagine his power. When we observe the sun, we see just a tiny evidence of the boundless power of its Creator, Jehovah.”

Sanath and Vasana had to agree with Buddhika that all these wonderful things could not have happened by chance. There had to be a Creator. They began to understand that although the Creator, Jehovah, is an invisible Spirit, he is a real Person who displays perfect love, justice, wisdom, and power in all the things he has made.