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Jesus’ Great Ministry in Galilee

‘Jesus began preaching: “The Kingdom has drawn near.”’​—Matthew 4:17

Jesus’ Great Ministry in Galilee



Second Miracle While in Cana

From a distance of some 16 miles (26 km), Jesus heals a child.


At the Synagogue in Nazareth

What did Jesus say that made the people of his hometown want to kill him?


Four Disciples Will Be Fishers of Men

He invites them to give up one type of fishing and begin another.


Jesus Performs Great Works in Capernaum

When Jesus expels demons, he stops the demons from telling people that he is the Son of God. Why?


Expanding His Ministry in Galilee

People come to Jesus to be cured, yet Jesus explains that his ministry actually has a greater purpose.


Compassionately Curing a Leper

With a simple yet powerful expression, Jesus proves that he really cares about those whom he heals.


“Your Sins Are Forgiven”

What connection does Jesus show exists between sin and sickness?


Matthew Is Called

Why does Jesus enjoy a meal with notorious sinners?


Why Do Jesus’ Disciples Not Fast?

Jesus uses an illustration about wineskins to provide the answer.


Can One Do Good Works on the Sabbath?

Why would the Jews persecute Jesus for healing a man who had been sick for 38 years?


Jesus’ Relationship With His Father

The Jews think that Jesus is making himself equal to God, but Jesus makes clear that God is superior to him.


Plucking Grain on the Sabbath

Why does Jesus call himself “Lord of the Sabbath”?


What Is Lawful on the Sabbath?

The Sadducees and Pharisees, normally at odds, unite around a common cause.


Fulfilling Isaiah’s Prophecy

Why does Jesus order those whom he heals not to tell others who he is or what he has done?


Jesus Chooses Twelve Apostles

What is the difference between an apostle and a disciple?


The Famous Sermon on the Mount

Get an explanation of key points from Jesus’ discourse.


A Centurion Shows Great Faith

What does this army officer do that amazes Jesus?


Jesus Resurrects a Widow’s Son

Those who saw this miracle grasped its true significance.


John Wants to Hear From Jesus

Why does John the Baptist ask whether Jesus is the Messiah? Is John having doubts?


Woe to an Unresponsive Generation

Jesus says that on Judgment Day, it will be more endurable for the land of Sodom than for Capernaum, the city that has served as his home base.


A Lesson in Forgiveness

By telling a woman who may have been a prostitute that her sins were forgiven, was Jesus saying it is all right to break God’s law?


Miracles​—By Whose Power?

Jesus’ brothers believe that he has gone out of his mind.


Jesus Rebukes the Pharisees

What is “the sign of Jonah the prophet”?


Illustrations About the Kingdom

Jesus gives eight illustrations to explain aspects of the Kingdom of the heavens.


Jesus Silences a Storm at Sea

When Jesus calmed the wind and waves, he taught a vital lesson about how life would be under his Kingdom rule.


Power Over Many Demons

Can a person be possessed by more than one demon?


Healed by Touching Jesus’ Garment

Jesus shows his power and compassion in this heartwarming incident.


A Young Girl Lives Again!

People laugh at Jesus when he says that a dead girl is just sleeping. What does he know that they do not?


Performing Miracles, But Rejected Even in Nazareth

The people of Nazareth reject Jesus, not because of his teaching or miracles, but for another reason.


Preaching in Galilee and Training the Apostles

What does the statement ‘the Kingdom of the heavens has drawn near’ really mean?


Prepared to Preach Despite Persecution

Why does Jesus tell the apostles to flee when they are persecuted if they are not to fear death?


Murder During a Birthday Party

Salome’s dance so enthralls Herod that he promises to give her whatever she asks. What is her grisly request?


Feeding Thousands With a Few Loaves and Fish

Jesus’ miracle is so significant that all four Gospels include it.


A Ruler Who Can Control the Elements

What lessons do the apostles learn when Jesus walks on water and calms the wind?


Jesus​—“The Bread of Life”

Why does Jesus chastise people even though they made a significant effort to come to him?


Jesus’ Words Shock Many

Jesus teaches something so shocking that many of his disciples abandon him.


What Really Defiles a Person?

Is it what goes into his mouth, or what comes out of it?


Jesus Cures a Girl and a Deaf Man

Why is a woman not offended when Jesus likens people of her nation to little dogs?


He Multiplies Loaves and Warns About Leaven

Jesus’ disciples finally grasp the type of leaven he is talking about.


Who Is the Son of Man?

What are the keys of the Kingdom? Who uses them, and how?


The Transfiguration​—A View of Christ in Glory

What was the transfiguration? What did it mean?


Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Boy

Jesus says that a failed healing was caused by a lack of faith, but on whose part? The boy, his father, or Jesus’ disciples?


An Important Lesson in Humility

Grown men learn something important from a young child.


Jesus Offers Counsel About Stumbling and Sin

He describes a three-step process for handling serious issues between brothers.


The Need to Forgive

Using the illustration of the unmerciful slave, Jesus shows how seriously God views our willingness to forgive others.


Teaching While Traveling to Jerusalem

In three brief conversations, Jesus identifies attitudes that can prevent a person from following him.