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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Who Are God’s Friends?

Who Are God’s Friends?

Jesus Christ is Jehovah’s Son and his closest, dearest friend. Before he lived as a man on earth, Jesus lived in heaven as a mighty spirit creature. (John 17:5) Then he came to earth to teach people the truth about God. (John 18:37) He also gave his human life to save obedient humans from sin and death. (Romans 6:23) Jesus is now the King of God’s Kingdom, a heavenly government that will bring Paradise to this earth.​—Revelation 19:16.

The angels are also God’s friends. The angels did not begin their lives as humans on earth. They were created in heaven before God made the earth. (Job 38:4-7) There are millions of angels. (Daniel 7:10) These heavenly friends of God want people to learn the truth about Jehovah.​—Revelation 14:6, 7.

God also has friends on the earth; he calls them his witnesses. A witness in court tells what he knows about someone or something. Jehovah’s Witnesses tell others what they know about Jehovah and his purpose. (Isaiah 43:10) Like the angels, the Witnesses want to help you learn the truth about Jehovah. They want you to be God’s friend too.