God’s chief enemy is Satan the Devil. He is a spirit creature who rebelled against Jehovah. Satan continues to fight against God and causes great trouble for humans. Satan is evil. He is a liar and a murderer.​—John 8:44.

Other spirit creatures joined Satan in his rebellion against God. The Bible calls them demons. Like Satan, the demons are enemies of humans. They like to hurt people. (Matthew 9:32, 33; 12:22) Jehovah will destroy Satan and his demons forever. They have only a short time left to make trouble for humans.​—Revelation 12:12.

If you want to be God’s friend, you must not do what Satan wants you to do. Satan and the demons hate Jehovah. They are enemies of God, and they want to make you an enemy of God. You must choose whom you want to please​—Satan or Jehovah. If you want everlasting life, you must choose to do God’s will. Satan has many tricks and ways to deceive people. Most people are being fooled by him.​—Revelation 12:9.