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You Can Be God’s Friend!


Magic and Witchcraft Are Bad

Magic and Witchcraft Are Bad

Satan wants you to practice magic. Many make sacrifices to ancestors or spirits to protect themselves from harm. They do this because they fear the powers of the spirit world. They wear magical rings or bracelets. They drink or rub on their bodies “medicines” that are supposed to have magical power. In their homes or in the ground, some people hide articles believed to have protective powers. Others use magical “medicine” because they believe it will bring success in business, school exams, or courtship.

Your best protection against Satan is to have Jehovah as your friend. Jehovah God and his angels are far more powerful than Satan and his demons. (James 2:19; Revelation 12:9) Jehovah is eager to show his strength in behalf of his friends​—those who are completely loyal to him.​—2 Chronicles 16:9.

God’s Word says: “You must not practice magic.” Jehovah condemns magic and witchcraft because those practices can put one directly under the power of Satan the Devil.​—Leviticus 19:26.

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Is the Devil Real?

Is the Devil just a principle of evil that exists in humans, or is he a real person?