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You Can Be God’s Friend!


God Is the Best Friend You Could Ever Have

God Is the Best Friend You Could Ever Have

Becoming God’s friend is the best thing that could ever happen to you. God will teach you how to be happy and secure; he will free you from many wrong beliefs and harmful practices. He will listen to your prayers. He will help you to enjoy inner peace and confidence. (Psalm 71:5; 73:28) God will support you during times of trouble. (Psalm 18:18) And God offers you his gift of everlasting life.​—Romans 6:23.

As you draw close to God, you will draw close to friends of God. They will become your friends too. In fact, they will be like brothers and sisters to you. They will be happy to teach you about God and will help you and encourage you.

We are not equal to God. As you seek God’s friendship, you must understand an important fact. Friendship with God is not a friendship between equals. He is far older and wiser and is more powerful than we are. He is our rightful Ruler. So if we want to be his friend, we must listen to him and do what he tells us to do. This will always work for our good.​—Isaiah 48:18.