God wants you to be his friend. Have you ever thought that you could be a friend of the greatest Person in the universe? Abraham, who lived long ago, was called God’s friend. (James 2:23) Others spoken of in the Bible also enjoyed God’s friendship and were greatly blessed. Today, people from all parts of the earth have become friends of God. You too can be God’s friend.

Being a friend of God is better than being a friend of any human. God never disappoints his loyal friends. (Psalm 18:25) Being a friend of God is better than having riches. When a rich person dies, his money goes to others. However, those who enjoy friendship with God have a treasure that no one can take away.​—Matthew 6:19.

Some people may try to stop you from learning about God. Even some of your friends and family may do this. (Matthew 10:36, 37) If others laugh at you or threaten you, ask yourself, ‘Whom do I want to please​—humans or God?’ Think about this: If someone told you to stop eating, would you obey him? Of course not! You need food to live. But God can make you live forever! So never let anyone stop you from learning how you can be a friend of God.​—John 17:3.