Saul became Israel’s first king. But Jehovah rejected him, and David was chosen to be king in his place. We find out many things about David. As a youth, he fought the giant Goliath. Later he fled from jealous King Saul. Then beautiful Abigail stopped him from doing a foolish thing.

Next, we learn many things about David’s son Solomon, who took David’s place as king of Israel. The first three kings of Israel each ruled for 40 years. After Solomon’s death, Israel was divided into two kingdoms, a northern and a southern kingdom.

The northern 10-tribe kingdom lasted 257 years before it was destroyed by the Assyrians. Then 133 years later, the southern two-tribe kingdom was also destroyed. At this time the Israelites were taken captive to Babylon. So Part FOUR covers 510 years of history, during which time many exciting events pass before our view.