Only eight people survived the Flood, but in time they increased to number many thousands. Then, 352 years after the Flood, Abraham was born. We learn how God kept his promise by giving Abraham a son named Isaac. Then, of Isaac’s two sons, Jacob was chosen by God.

Jacob had a big family of 12 sons and some daughters. Jacob’s 10 sons hated their younger brother Joseph and sold him into slavery in Egypt. Later, Joseph became an important ruler of Egypt. When a bad famine came, Joseph tested his brothers to see whether they had a change of heart. Finally, Jacob’s whole family, the Israelites, moved to Egypt. This happened 290 years after Abraham was born.

For the next 215 years the Israelites lived in Egypt. After Joseph died, they became slaves there. In time, Moses was born, and God used him to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. In all, 857 years of history are covered in Part TWO.