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A person who engages in sexual relations outside the marriage bond, especially for money. (The Greek word for “prostitute,” porʹne, comes from a root meaning “to sell.”) The term usually refers to a woman, although male prostitutes are also mentioned in the Bible. Prostitution was condemned in the Mosaic Law, and a prostitute’s wages were unacceptable as a contribution to Jehovah’s sanctuary, in contrast with the pagan practice of using temple prostitutes as a source of revenue. (De 23:17, 18; 1Ki 14:24) The Bible also uses the term figuratively, referring to people, nations, or organizations that engage in some form of idolatry while claiming to be worshippers of God. For example, the religious entity called “Babylon the Great” is described in Revelation as a prostitute because she has consorted with the rulers of this world for power and material gain.Re 17:1-5; 18:3; 1Ch 5:25.