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Jehovah’s Witnesses


2017 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses


“With God All Things Are Possible”

Natela Grigoriadis

“With God All Things Are Possible”
  • BORN 1960

  • BAPTIZED 1987

  • PROFILE Soon after baptism, Natela used her experience and contacts as a merchandising manager to advance the underground printing.

AT OUR meetings in the late 1980’s, only the Watchtower Study conductor had a copy of the magazine, and it was usually a handwritten one. I approached Genadi Gudadze, one of the elders, and suggested that we should try to print our own magazines.

Until then, the brothers had used a homemade mimeograph to produce a small quantity of publications. To produce magazines regularly, they needed a more efficient mimeograph, an experienced typist, a typewriter, and a steady supply of stencil paper. However, all printing equipment, even the paper, was registered with the government and controlled by the special security services.

I obtained a typewriter through a professional acquaintance who had access to discarded machines that were no longer under government control. My sister was a typist and could assist us. The brothers built a new mimeograph  and located a source for purchasing stencils. Everything fell into place, and soon our first copy of an issue of The Watchtower in Georgian was produced.

But a new obstacle arose. One day, Genadi told me, “We have to find another source of supply for the stencils.” He had seen packages of stencils in a government-run office but could not purchase them himself, as he was watched by the authorities. How could we obtain them? I repeatedly exclaimed, “It’s impossible!” To this Genadi firmly replied, “Stop saying, ‘It’s impossible.’ ‘With God all things are possible’!”Matt. 19:26.

I thought about this continually as I nervously headed to the government-run office the next day. Jehovah directed me to a friendly typist who was willing to submit my request to the head of the office. He was her husband! Soon I was regularly buying stencils from this office, and after that we never experienced a problem with supplies.