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2016 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses


A Memorable Convention

A Memorable Convention

FROM August 15-18, 1963, hundreds of publishers from across the country and 122 international visitors converged on the city of Bandung, West Java. They had come to attend the “Everlasting Good News” Assembly, the first international assembly to be held in Indonesia.

To prepare for the event, the brothers had to overcome numerous obstacles. The venue had to be changed three times because of national Independence Day celebrations. When rising inflation prompted the authorities to raise transport fares by 400 percent, some delegates simply adjusted their mode of transport. One brother walked six days to reach the assembly. Seventy delegates from Sulawesi traveled five days on the crowded open decks of boats to attend the event.

At the convention, the Indonesian delegates were thrilled to meet their Christian brothers and sisters from other lands, including two members of the governing body, Frederick Franz and Grant Suiter. One visiting delegate observed: “The brothers seem so happy here; they are always laughing and smiling.”

Over 750 people attended the assembly, and 34 were baptized. “The landmark gathering prompted many interested ones to take their stand for the truth,” said Ronald Jacka. “It fired the local brothers with enthusiasm for God’s work.”

Ronald Jacka (right) giving a talk at the 1963 “Everlasting Good News” Assembly and an interpreter

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