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Jehovah’s Witnesses


2016 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses


He Treasured Spiritual Riches

Thio Seng Bie

He Treasured Spiritual Riches
  • BORN 1906

  • BAPTIZED 1937

  • PROFILE A faithful elder who endured racial violence.—As told by his daughter Thio Sioe Nio.

IN May 1963, anti-Chinese riots erupted throughout West Java. The city hardest hit was Sukabumi, where our family ran a trucking business. Hundreds of crazed people—including some of our neighbors—smashed their way into our home. We huddled in terror while the rioters smashed and looted our possessions.

When the mob left, other neighbors came to comfort us. My father sat with them on the living-room floor. There among our shattered possessions, he found his big Sundanese Bible. He opened it and told our neighbors that these troubles had been foretold. He then explained the joyful Kingdom hope.

My father never focused on storing up earthly treasures. He often reminded us: “Spiritual things must come first!” Thanks to his zealous example, his wife, six children, 90-year-old father, and many relatives and neighbors accepted the truth.

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