“MY HEART is overwhelmed with joy,” said a sister at the dedication program of the Madagascar branch, which was held on Saturday, January 24, 2015. She and 583 other guests were thrilled to see the new 19-room residence, as well as the enlarged dining room and the renovated kitchen. More office space was provided for the Service, Accounting, and Local/Design Construction departments. In addition, the Audio/Video and Sign Language departments received new studios, and the Braille Transcription Department was established. After hearing a review of the history of the preaching work in Madagascar, the guests enjoyed the dedication talk delivered by Mark Sanderson of the Governing Body.

New 19-room residence at the Madagascar branch

 Jehovah’s people in Jakarta, Indonesia, sighed with relief when floods in the city subsided in time for the dedication of the new branch facilities on February 14, 2015. The branch now occupies one floor of a 42-story office tower and 12 floors in a nearby apartment tower. Several Bethel departments are located in smaller buildings nearby. Anthony Morris of the Governing Body delivered the dedication talk, and the following day, 15,257 gathered at a soccer stadium to hear him speak on the topic “Keep Enduring in Work That Is Good.” The program was streamed to 11,189 who attended at 41 other locations, making it the largest gathering of Jehovah’s people ever held in Indonesia. Ronald Jacka, one of the first missionaries to go to Indonesia, said: “When I arrived in 1951, there were only 26 publishers in the entire country. But today, more than 26,000 have attended this special program. Jehovah has truly blessed his people in Indonesia!”