• BORN 1976

  • BAPTIZED 1991

  • PROFILE Martín was studying to be a priest when he learned the truth. Since then, he has helped many to become true worshippers.

I GREW up in a very religious Catholic family that wanted me to become a priest. So when I was 12 years old, I took three courses in which I was instructed by different priests. Then, in 1990, when I was 14, I was invited to one of the best seminaries in the country.

I progressed rapidly and was told that if I continued to apply myself, I could become a bishop. However, I became disillusioned. Instead of studying the Bible, we studied human philosophy. Also, the priests were very immoral. When I became a target of their sexual harassment, I wanted to quit serving God.

At that time, a missionary couple called on the seminary accountant and gave him the book Questions Young People Ask—Answers That Work. I borrowed it and read it from cover to cover. I said to myself, ‘This is what I’m looking  for.’ I left the seminary, started studying with the Witnesses, and began attending meetings. Eight months later, in July of 1991, I was baptized. I began regular pioneering and later married a pioneer sister named María. Since 2006, we have served as special pioneers. Instead of giving up on serving God, I now love helping truth-hungry people to become his true worshippers.