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Jehovah Has Opened So Many Hearts

Leonardo Amor

Jehovah Has Opened So Many Hearts
  • BORN 1943

  • BAPTIZED 1961

  • PROFILE He learned the truth as an adolescent and has served Jehovah full-time for over 50 years.

ABOUT a month after Trujillo’s assassination in 1961, I was baptized while I was studying law at a university. My father wanted me to enter the legal profession, but I could see the superiority of divine education. So, in spite of pressure from my father, I left the university. Shortly afterward, I was appointed as a special pioneer.

One of my assignments was in La Vega, a longtime Catholic stronghold. During my time there, no one accepted the truth. When I gave public talks, the only person in the audience was my pioneer partner. Yet, Jehovah sustained me through personal Bible study, attendance at assemblies, and fervent prayers. In prayer, I asked Jehovah if there would ever be a congregation in La Vega. I am  happy to report that there are now 6 Kingdom Halls, 14 congregations, and over 800 Kingdom publishers there.

I married my wife, Ángela, in 1965, and in 1981 we were invited to Bethel. When I was baptized, there were only 681 publishers in the country. Now we have more than 36,000 publishers, and many thousands gather at our various assemblies. Looking back, I am amazed to see how Jehovah has opened so many hearts to Bible truths.

Branch Committee, from left to right: Reiner Thompson, Juan Crispín, Thomas Dean, Leonel Peguero, Leonardo Amor, and Richard Stoddard