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Jehovah’s Witnesses


2015 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

IN 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World—exciting new lands that offered wealth and adventure. He named one of the islands on which he landed La Isla Española, or Hispaniola, about two thirds of which is now occupied by the Dominican Republic. More recently, thousands of inhabitants of the Dominican Republic have made a far different discovery—a coming new world of everlasting righteousness under God’s Kingdom. (2 Pet. 3:13) What follows is the gripping history of the righthearted people who have made this priceless discovery.


An Overview of the Dominican Republic

Get a quick summary of the country and its people.


How long did it take for the first missionaries in the Dominican Republic to start a Bible study?

“We Will Find Them”

After 13 years of searching, Pablo González found whom he was looking for.

Imprisoned & Banned

How were some Witnesses able to endure years of brutal treatment in prison?

Preaching Continues

Instead of reporting return visits and hours, publishers turned in a grocery list that included cabbage and spinach.

Free, Then Banned Again

The six-year-long ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Dominican Republic was lifted in 1956, only to be reinstated 11 months later.

The Catholic Church and Trujillo

Long a supporter of the Dominican dictator, the Church not only changed its position but also apologized to the Dominican people.

Vicious Attack

The threat to the Witnesses was real, but was it effective?

Who Is the Head?

A mimeograph machine, a large oil can, a burlap sack, and cassava were used to produce and distribute spiritual food under ban.

Risking Arrest

Even though their meetings were banned, Witnesses in the Dominican Republic found ingenious ways to carry on and avoid detection.

Perseverance Brings Relief

After years of government opposition, Witnesses in the Dominican Republic got help from an unexpected source.

“I Fought Like a Lion”

Luis Eduardo Montás, who twice tried to kill his country’s dictator, found Bible truth while looking for help for another assassination attempt.

The Kingdom Hope Is Not a Dream

Efraín De La Cruz has been imprisoned and cruelly beaten in seven penitentiaries for preaching the good news. How has he kept his zeal alive for over 60 years?

I Will Continue to Be One of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Warned by a priest that she would go crazy if she read the Bible, Mary Glass read it anyway and discovered why she had been told not to.

Freedom to Preach

After Trujillo’s assassination, more missionaries arrived and began preaching. Little by little, they were able to break down prejudice against Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Here to Stay

The preaching work went forward despite political upheaval. What made it clear that the Witnesses are “here to stay” in the Dominican Republic?

More Preachers Needed

The history of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Dominican Republic would be incomplete without telling of those who responded to the call to come and preach.

They Love Their Brothers

After Hurricane Georges tore through the Dominican Republic in 1998, the loving efforts of the Witnesses brought relief to many and praise to Jehovah God.

Coping With the Growth

As their numbers grew, how did the Witnesses ensure that there were enough facilities for worship, as well as mature brothers to take the lead?

The Haitian Creole Field

Jehovah’s Witnesses share the Kingdom message with Haitian Creole-speaking individuals. In time, congregations are formed and language classes are conducted.

Earthquake in Haiti

The Dominican Republic branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses launched a massive relief effort after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Countless volunteers helped.

Thrilling Prospects

The preaching and disciple-making work in the Dominican Republic has come a long way since 1945. There is every reason to look forward to a bright future.

Jehovah Has Opened So Many Hearts

During the time Leonardo Amor spent in La Vega, no one showed interest in Bible truth. Would the heart condition of people ever change?

Twenty-Two People Left the Church

It was said that Jehovah’s Witnesses were subverting the townsfolk with “diabolical teachings.” Instead, the Witnesses used Bible verses to provide satisfying answers to people’s questions.

From Militant Atheist to Servant of God

Juan Crispín was an atheist who thought that revolution would make the world a better place. What transformed him from an atheist to a servant of God?

The First Deaf Person to Accept the Truth

José Pérez was the first deaf Witness in the Dominican Republic. How was José able to “hear” the message of the Bible and grasp its teachings more fully?

Finding Purpose in Life

José Estévez and his family found real purpose in life. How have they experienced firsthand that Jehovah is the Fulfiller of his promises?

I Wanted to Quit Serving God

Although Martín Paredes was studying to be a priest, he wanted to quit serving God. How did a book he borrowed from the seminary accountant change his life?