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Jehovah’s Witnesses


2014 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses


Something Better Than Diamonds

Tamba Josiah

Something Better Than Diamonds
  • BORN 1948

  • BAPTIZED 1972

  • PROFILE Worked in diamond mines before coming into the truth. He is now a member of the Sierra Leone Branch Committee.

IN 1970, I worked for a British mining company in Tongo Fields, a diamond-rich area north of Kenema. I also prospected for diamonds in my spare time. Whenever I found my own stones, I dressed up and headed to Kenema to sell the gems and to have a good time.

In 1972, I met Jehovah’s Witnesses and started studying the Bible. Five months later, I qualified for baptism. Since I had no vacation time left, I asked a coworker to cover my shift so that I could attend the district convention and get baptized. He agreed but only on the condition that I give him one week’s salary. My baptism meant more to me than money, so I readily accepted his offer. When I returned from the convention, he told me to keep my wages because serving God was the right thing to  do. Six months later, I left my well-paying job to store up treasures in heaven as a special pioneer.Matt. 6:19, 20.

For 18 years I served as a special pioneer and a circuit overseer in various parts of the country. Meanwhile, I married Christiana, a loyal and supportive partner, and we were blessed with a daughter, Lynette.

I once dreamed of finding literal diamonds, but I found something much better—spiritual riches

During Sierra Leone’s civil war, Christiana and I pioneered in Bo, which is located in another major diamond mining area. Here we found many spiritual “diamonds”—genuine Christian disciples. Within four years, our congregation grew by more than 60 percent. Now Bo has three thriving congregations.

In 2002, I was invited to become a member of the Sierra Leone Branch Committee. Christiana and I live near Bethel. I commute to work each day, while Christiana serves as a special pioneer. Lynette works at Bethel on the Krio translation team.

I once dreamed of finding literal diamonds, but I found something much better—spiritual riches. I also unearthed 18 spiritual “diamonds,” or true Christian disciples. Truly, Jehovah has blessed me beyond measure.