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The Song of Solomon 3:1-11


  • Young woman (1-5)

    • ‘At night, I sought the one I love’ (1)

  • Daughters of Zion (6-11)

    • Solomon’s procession described

3  “Upon my bed during the nights,I sought the one I love.*+ I sought him, but I did not find him.+   I will arise and roam the city;In the streets and in the public squares,Let me seek the one I love.* I sought him, but I did not find him.   The watchmen making their rounds in the city found me.+ ‘Have you seen the one I love?’*   Scarcely had I passed by themWhen I found the one I love.* I held on to him, I would not let him goUntil I brought him into my mother’s house,+Into the interior room of her who conceived me.   I put you under oath, O daughters of Jerusalem,By the gazelles and the does of the field: Do not try to awaken or arouse love in me until it feels inclined.”+   “What is this coming up from the wilderness like columns of smoke,Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense,With all the fragrant powders of a merchant?”+   “Look! It is the couch belonging to Solʹo·mon. Sixty mighty men surround it,Of the mighty men of Israel,+   All of them armed with a sword,All trained in warfare,Each with his sword at his sideTo guard against the terrors of the night.”   “It is the royal litter* of King Solʹo·monThat he made for himself from the trees of Lebʹa·non.+ 10  Its pillars he made of silver,Its supports of gold. Its seat is of purple wool;Its interior was lovingly decoratedBy the daughters of Jerusalem.” 11  “Go out, O daughters of Zion,Gaze at King Solʹo·monWearing the wedding crown* his mother+ made for himOn the day of his marriage,On the day of his heart’s rejoicing.”


Or “my soul loves.”
Or “my soul loves.”
Or “my soul loves.”
Or “my soul loves.”
A covered couch used to carry a person of importance.
Or “the wreath; the garland.”