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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Psalms 80:1-19


  • Israel’s Shepherd sought for restoration

    • “O God, restore us” (3)

    • Israel as God’s vine (8-15)

To the director; set to “The Lilies.” A reminder. Of Aʹsaph.+ A melody. 80  O Shepherd of Israel, listen,You who are guiding Joseph just like a flock.+ You who sit enthroned above* the cherubs,+Shine forth.*   Before Eʹphra·im and Benjamin and Ma·nasʹseh,Do stir up your mightiness;+Come and save us.+   O God, restore us;+Let your face shine upon us, so that we may be saved.+   Jehovah God of armies, how long will you be hostile toward* the prayer of your people?+   You feed them tears as their bread,And you make them drink tears beyond measure.   You let our neighbors quarrel over us;Our enemies keep mocking us as they please.+   O God of armies, restore us;Let your face shine upon us, so that we may be saved.+   You made a vine+ depart from Egypt. You drove out the nations and planted it.+   You cleared a space for it,And it took root and filled the land.+ 10  The mountains were covered by its shadow,And the cedars of God by its branches. 11  Its branches reached as far as the sea,And its shoots to the River.*+ 12  Why have you broken down the stone walls of the vineyard,+So that all those passing by pluck its fruit?+ 13  The boars of the forest ravage it,And the wild animals of the field feed on it.+ 14  O God of armies, please return. Look down from heaven and see! Take care of this vine,+ 15  The stock* that your right hand has planted,+And look upon the son whom* you made strong for yourself.+ 16  It is burned with fire,+ cut down. They perish at your rebuke.* 17  May your hand give support to the man at your right hand,To the son of man you have made strong for yourself.+ 18  Then we will not turn away from you. Preserve us alive, so that we may call on your name. 19  O Jehovah God of armies, restore us;Let your face shine upon us, so that we may be saved.+


Or possibly, “between.”
Or “Reveal your radiance.”
Lit., “fume against.”
That is, the Euphrates.
Or “main stem of the vine.”
Or “branch that.”
Lit., “the rebuke of your face.”