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Psalms 57:1-11


  • A request for favor

    • Refuge under God’s wings (1)

    • Enemies fall into their own snare (6)

To the director; set to “Do Not Bring to Ruin.” Of David. Mikʹtam.* When he ran away from Saul into the cave.+ 57  Show me favor, O God, show me favor,For I take* refuge in you,+And in the shadow of your wings I take refuge until the troubles pass.+   I call to God the Most High,To the true God, who brings them to an end for me.   He will send help from heaven and save me.+ He will frustrate the one snapping at me. (Selah) God will send his loyal love and his faithfulness.+   I am* surrounded by lions;+I must lie among men who want to devour me,Whose teeth are spears and arrowsAnd whose tongue is a sharp sword.+   Be exalted above the heavens, O God;May your glory be over all the earth.+   They have prepared a net to ensnare my feet;+I am* bowed down with distress.+ They have dug a pit ahead of me,But they fell into it themselves.+ (Selah)   My heart is steadfast, O God,+My heart is steadfast. I will sing and make music.   Do awake, my glory. Do awake, O stringed instrument; you too, O harp. I will awaken the dawn.+   I will praise you among the peoples, O Jehovah;+I will sing praises* to you among the nations.+ 10  For your loyal love is great, as high as the heavens,+And your faithfulness, up to the skies. 11  Be exalted above the heavens, O God;May your glory be over all the earth.+


Or “my soul takes.”
Or “My soul is.”
Or “My soul is.”
Or “make music.”