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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Psalms 24:1-10


  • The glorious King enters the gates

    • ‘To Jehovah belongs the earth’ (1)

Of David. A melody. 24  To Jehovah belong the earth and everything in it,+The productive land and those dwelling on it.   For he has solidly fixed it on the seas+And firmly established it on the rivers.   Who may ascend to the mountain of Jehovah,+And who may stand up in his holy place?   Anyone with innocent hands and a pure heart,+Who has not sworn a false oath by My life,*Nor taken an oath deceitfully.+   He will receive blessings from Jehovah+And righteousness* from his God of salvation.+   This is the generation of those seeking him,Of those seeking your face, O God of Jacob. (Selah)   Lift up your heads, you gates;+Open up,* you ancient doorways,That the glorious King may enter!+   Who is this glorious King? Jehovah, strong and mighty,+Jehovah, mighty in battle.+   Lift up your heads, you gates;+Open up, you ancient doorways,That the glorious King may enter! 10  Who is he, this glorious King? Jehovah of armies—he is the glorious King.+ (Selah)


Or “My soul,” referring to Jehovah’s life by which an individual swears.
Or “justice.”
Or “Rise up.”