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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Psalms 132:1-18


  • David and Zion chosen

    • “Do not reject your anointed one” (10)

    • Zion’s priests clothed with salvation (16)

A Song of the Ascents. 132  O Jehovah, remember David And all his suffering;+   How he swore to Jehovah, How he vowed to the Powerful One of Jacob:+   “I will not go into my tent, my home.+ I will not lie upon my couch, my bed;   I will not allow my eyes to sleep, Nor my eyelids to slumber   Until I find a place for Jehovah, A fine residence* for the Powerful One of Jacob.”+   Look! We heard about it in Ephʹra·thah;+ We found it in the fields of the forest.+   Let us come into his residence;*+ Let us bow down at his footstool.+   Rise up, O Jehovah, to come to your resting-place,+ You and the Ark of your strength.+   May your priests be clothed with righteousness, And may your loyal ones shout joyfully. 10  For the sake of David your servant, Do not reject* your anointed one.+ 11  Jehovah has sworn to David; He will surely not go back on his word: “One of your offspring,* I will place on your throne.+ 12  If your sons keep my covenant And my reminders that I teach them,+ Their sons too Will sit on your throne forever.”+ 13  For Jehovah has chosen Zion;+ He has desired it for his dwelling place:+ 14  “This is my resting-place forever; Here I will dwell,+ for this is my desire. 15  I will richly bless it with provisions; I will satisfy its poor with bread.+ 16  Its priests I will clothe with salvation,+ And its loyal ones will shout joyfully.+ 17  There I will make the strength* of David grow. I have prepared a lamp for my anointed one.+ 18  I will clothe his enemies with shame, But the crown* on his head will flourish.”+


Or “A grand tabernacle.”
Or “his grand tabernacle.”
Lit., “turn back the face of.”
Lit., “of the fruit of your womb.”
Lit., “horn.”
Or “diadem.”