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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Psalms 103:1-22


  • “Let me praise Jehovah”

    • God puts our sins far away (12)

    • God’s fatherly mercy (13)

    • God remembers that we are dust (14)

    • Jehovah’s throne and kingship (19)

    • Angels carry out God’s word (20)

Of David. 103  Let me* praise Jehovah; Let everything within me praise his holy name.   Let me* praise Jehovah; May I never forget all that he has done.+   He forgives all your errors+ And heals all your ailments;+   He reclaims your life from the pit*+ And crowns you with his loyal love and mercy.+   He satisfies you with good things+ all your life, So that your youth is renewed like that of an eagle.+   Jehovah acts with righteousness+ and justice For all who are oppressed.+   He made known his ways to Moses,+ His deeds to the sons of Israel.+   Jehovah is merciful and compassionate,*+ Slow to anger and abundant in loyal love.*+   He will not always find fault,+ Nor will he stay resentful forever.+ 10  He has not dealt with us according to our sins,+ Nor has he repaid us what our errors deserve.+ 11  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So great is his loyal love toward those who fear him.+ 12  As far off as the sunrise is from the sunset, So far off from us he has put our transgressions.+ 13  As a father shows mercy to his sons, Jehovah has shown mercy to those who fear him.+ 14  For he well knows how we are formed,+ Remembering that we are dust.+ 15  As for mortal man, his days are like those of grass;+ He blooms like a blossom of the field.+ 16  But when a wind blows, it is no more, As though it was never there.* 17  But the loyal love of Jehovah is for all eternity* Toward those who fear him,+ And his righteousness toward their children’s children,+ 18  Toward those who keep his covenant+ And those who are careful to observe his orders. 19  Jehovah has firmly established his throne in the heavens;+ And his kingship rules over everything.+ 20  Praise Jehovah, all you his angels,+ mighty in power, Who carry out his word,+ obeying his voice.* 21  Praise Jehovah, all his armies,+ His ministers who do his will.+ 22  Praise Jehovah, all his works, In all the places where he rules.* Let my whole being* praise Jehovah.


Or “my soul.”
Or “my soul.”
Or “grave.”
Or “gracious.”
Or “loving-kindness.”
Lit., “And its place no longer knows it.”
Or “from eternity to eternity.”
Lit., “hearing the voice (sound) of his word.”
Or “the places of his sovereignty.”
Or “my soul.”