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Job 16:1-22


  • Job’s reply (1-22)

    • “You are troublesome comforters!” (2)

    • Claims that God sets him up as his target (12)

16  Job said in reply:   “I have heard many things like these before. All of you are troublesome comforters!+   Is there an end to empty* words? What provokes you to answer this way?   I could also speak as you do. If you were in my place,* I could make persuasive speeches against you And shake my head at you.+   Instead, though, I would strengthen you with the words of my mouth, And the consolation of my lips would bring relief.+   If I speak, my own pain is not relieved,+ And if I stop speaking, how much is my pain reduced?   But now he has made me weary;+ He has devastated my whole household.*   You also seize me, and it has become a witness, So that my own skinniness rises up and testifies to my face.   His anger has torn me to pieces, and he harbors animosity against me.+ He grinds his teeth against me. My adversary pierces me with his eyes.+ 10  They have opened their mouth wide against me,+ And they have scornfully struck my cheeks; In large numbers they gather against me.+ 11  God hands me over to young boys, And he thrusts me into the hands of the wicked.+ 12  I was untroubled, but he shattered me;+ He grabbed me by the back of the neck and crushed me; Then he set me up as his target. 13  His archers surround me;+ He pierces my kidneys+ and feels no compassion; He pours out my gall on the earth. 14  He breaks through against me with breach after breach; He rushes at me like a warrior. 15  I have sewn sackcloth together to cover my skin,+ And I have buried my dignity* in the dust.+ 16  My face is red from weeping,+ And on my eyelids is deep shadow,* 17  Although my hands have done no violence And my prayer is pure. 18  O earth, do not cover my blood!+ And let there be no resting-place for my outcry! 19  Even now, my witness is in the heavens; The one who can testify for me is in the heights. 20  My companions ridicule me+ As my eye sheds tears* to God.+ 21  Let someone arbitrate between a man and God, As one would between a man and his fellow.+ 22  For the years to come are few, And I will go away on the path of no return.+


Or “blustery.”
Or “If your soul were in place of my soul.”
Or “those assembling with me.”
Or “strength.” Lit., “horn.”
Or “death’s shadow.”
Or possibly, “looks sleeplessly.”