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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Amos 2:1-16


  • Judgments for repeated revolts (1-16)

2  “This is what Jehovah says,‘“For three revolts* of Moʹab,+ and for four, I will not reverse it,Because he burned the bones of the king of Eʹdom for lime.   So I will send a fire into Moʹab,And it will consume the fortified towers of Keʹri·oth;+Moʹab will die amid an uproar,With a war cry, with the sound of a horn.+   I will remove the ruler* from her midstAnd kill all her princes along with him,”+ says Jehovah.’   This is what Jehovah says,‘For three revolts of Judah,+ and for four, I will not reverse it,Because they rejected the law* of Jehovah,And because they did not keep his regulations;+But the same lies their forefathers followed have led them astray.+   So I will send a fire into Judah,And it will consume the fortified towers of Jerusalem.’+   This is what Jehovah says,‘For three revolts of Israel,+ and for four, I will not reverse it,Because they sell the righteous for silver,And the poor for a pair of sandals.+   They trample the heads of the lowly into the dust of the earth,+And they block the path of the meek.+ A man and his father have relations with the same girl,Profaning my holy name.   They stretch out next to every altar+ on garments they seized as security for a loan;*+And the wine they drink at the house* of their gods was obtained from those they fined.’   ‘But it was I who annihilated the Amʹor·ite before them,+Who was as tall as the cedars and as strong as the oaks;I destroyed his fruit above and his roots below.+ 10  I brought you up out of the land of Egypt,+And I made you walk through the wilderness 40 years,+To take possession of the land of the Amʹor·ite. 11  I raised up some of your sons as prophets+And some of your young men as Nazʹi·rites.+ Is this not so, O people of Israel?’ declares Jehovah. 12  ‘But you kept giving the Nazʹi·rites wine to drink,+And you commanded the prophets: “You must not prophesy.”+ 13  So I will crush you in your place,Just as a wagon loaded with cut grain crushes what is under it. 14  The swift one will have no place to flee,+The strong one will not retain his power,And no warrior will escape with his life.* 15  The bowman will not stand his ground,The swift of foot will not escape,And the horseman will not escape with his life.* 16  Even the most courageous* among the warriorsWill flee naked in that day,’+ declares Jehovah.”


Or “crimes.”
Lit., “judge.”
Or “instruction.”
Or “a pledge.”
Or “temple.”
Or “soul.”
Or “soul.”
Or “those strong of heart.”