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Romans 11:1-36

11  Λέγω I am saying οὖν, therefore,μὴ notἀπώσατο pushed from selftheθεὸς Godτὸν theλαὸν peopleαὐτοῦ; of him?μὴ Notγένοιτο· may it occur;καὶ alsoγὰρ forἐγὼ IἸσραηλείτης Israeliteεἰμί, I am,ἐκ out ofσπέρματος seed᾿Αβραάμ, of Abraham,φυλῆς of tribeΒενιαμείν. of Benjamin. 2  οὐκ Not ἀπώσατο pushed from selftheθεὸς Godτὸν theλαὸν peopleαὐτοῦ of himὃν whomπροέγνω. he foreknew.Orοὐκ notοἴδατε have YOU knownἐν inἨλείᾳ Elijahτί whatλέγει is sayingtheγραφή, Scripture,ὡς asἐντυγχάνει he is happening onτῷ to theθεῷ Godκατὰ down onτοῦ theἸσραήλ; Israel? 3  Κύριε, Lord, τοὺς theπροφήτας prophetsσου of youἀπέκτειναν, they killed,τὰ theθυσιαστήριά altarsσου of youκατέσκαψαν, they dug down,κἀγὼ and Iὑπελείφθην was left underμόνος, alone,καὶ andζητοῦσιν they are seekingτὴν theψυχήν soulμου. of me. 4  ἀλλὰ But τί whatλέγει is sayingαὐτῷ to himtheχρηματισμός; divine pronouncement?Κατέλιπον I left downἐμαυτῷ to myselfἑπτακισχιλίους seven thousandἄνδρας, male persons,οἵτινες whoοὐκ notἔκαμψαν bentγόνυ kneeτῇ to theΒάαλ. Baal. 5  οὕτως Thus οὖν thereforeκαὶ alsoἐν inτῷ theνῦν nowκαιρῷ appointed timeλίμμα something left overκατ’ according toἐκλογὴν choosingχάριτος of undeserved kindnessγέγονεν· has come to be; 6  εἰ if δὲ butχάριτι, to undeserved kindness,οὐκέτι not yetἐξ out ofἔργων, works,ἐπεὶ sincetheχάρις undeserved kindnessοὐκέτι not yetγίνεται is becomingχάρις. undeserved kindness. 7  τί What οὖν; therefore?which (thing)ἐπιζητεῖ is seeking uponἸσραήλ, Israel,τοῦτο thisοὐκ notἐπέτυχεν, he happened upon,theδὲ butἐκλογὴ choosingἐπέτυχεν· happened upon;οἱ theδὲ butλοιποὶ leftover (ones)ἐπωρώθησαν, were made callous, 8  καθάπερ according to which (things) even γέγραπται it has been writtenἜδωκεν Gaveαὐτοῖς to themtheθεὸς Godπνεῦμα spiritκατανύξεως, of deep sleep,ὀφθαλμοὺς eyesτοῦ of theμὴ notβλέπειν to be lookingκαὶ andὦτα earsτοῦ of theμὴ notἀκούειν, to be hearing,ἕως untilτῆς theσήμερον todayἡμέρας. day. 9  καὶ And Δαυεὶδ Davidλέγει is sayingΓενηθήτω Let becometheτράπεζα tableαὐτῶν of themεἰς intoπαγίδα snareκαὶ andεἰς intoθήραν trapκαὶ andεἰς intoσκάνδαλον fall-causerκαὶ andεἰς intoἀνταπόδομα retributionαὐτοῖς, to them, 10  σκοτισθήτωσαν let be darkened οἱ theὀφθαλμοὶ eyesαὐτῶν of themτοῦ of theμὴ notβλέπειν, to be looking,καὶ andτὸν theνῶτον backαὐτῶν of themδιὰ throughπαντὸς all [time]σύνκαμψον. bend together. 11  Λέγω I am saying οὖν, therefore,μὴ notἔπταισαν they stumbledἵνα in order thatπέσωσιν; they might fall?μὴ Notγένοιτο· may it occur;ἀλλὰ butτῷ to theαὐτῶν of themπαραπτώματι falling besidetheσωτηρία salvationτοῖς to theἔθνεσιν, nations,εἰς intoτὸ theπαραζηλῶσαι to incite to jealousyαὐτούς. them. 12  εἰ If δὲ butτὸ theπαράπτωμα falling besideαὐτῶν of themπλοῦτος richesκόσμου of worldκαὶ andτὸ theἥττημα decreaseαὐτῶν of themπλοῦτος richesἐθνῶν, of nations,πόσῳ to how muchμᾶλλον ratherτὸ theπλήρωμα fullnessαὐτῶν. of them. 13  Ὑμῖν To YOU δὲ butλέγω I am sayingτοῖς to theἔθνεσιν. nations.ἐφ’ Uponὅσον as much asμὲν indeedοὖν thereforeεἰμὶ amἐγὼ Iἐθνῶν of nationsἀπόστολος, apostle,τὴν theδιακονίαν serviceμου of meδοξάζω, I glorify, 14  εἴ if πως somehowπαραζηλώσω I might inciteμου of meτὴν theσάρκα fleshκαὶ andσώσω I might saveτινὰς someἐξ out ofαὐτῶν. them. 15  εἰ If γὰρ fortheἀποβολὴ throwing offαὐτῶν of themκαταλλαγὴ reconciliationκόσμου, of world,τίς whattheπρόσλημψις toward receivingεἰ ifμὴ notζωὴ lifeἐκ out ofνεκρῶν; dead (ones)? 16  εἰ If δὲ buttheἀπαρχὴ firstfruitsἁγία, holy,καὶ alsoτὸ theφύραμα· lump;καὶ andεἰ iftheῥίζα rootἁγία, holy,καὶ alsoοἱ theκλάδοι. branches. 17  Εἰ If δέ butτινες someτῶν of theκλάδων branchesἐξεκλάσθησαν, were broken out,σὺ youδὲ butἀγριέλαιος field olive treeὢν beingἐνεκεντρίσθης you were grafted inἐν inαὐτοῖς themκαὶ andσυνκοινωνὸς taking in common withτῆς of theῥίζης rootτῆς of theπιότητος fatnessτῆς of theἐλαίας oliveἐγένου, you became, 18  μὴ not κατακαυχῶ be boasting down onτῶν theκλάδων· branches;εἰ ifδὲ butκατακαυχᾶσαι, you boast down on,οὐ notσὺ youτὴν theῥίζαν rootβαστάζεις are carryingἀλλὰ buttheῥίζα rootσέ. you. 19  ἐρεῖς You will say οὖν therefore᾿Εξεκλάσθησαν Were broken offκλάδοι branchesἵνα in order thatἐγὼ Iἐνκεντρισθῶ. might be grafted in. 20  καλῶς· Finely; τῇ to theἀπιστίᾳ unbeliefἐξεκλάσθησαν, they were broken out,σὺ youδὲ butτῇ to theπίστει faithἕστηκας. you have been standing.μὴ Notὑψηλὰ highsφρόνει, be minding,ἀλλὰ butφοβοῦ· be fearing; 21  εἰ if γὰρ fortheθεὸς Godτῶν of theκατὰ according toφύσιν natureκλάδων of branchesοὐκ notἐφείσατο, he spared,οὐδὲ not-butσοῦ of youφείσεται. he will spare. 22  ἴδε See οὖν thereforeχρηστότητα kindnessκαὶ andἀποτομίαν cutting offθεοῦ· of God;ἐπὶ uponμὲν indeedτοὺς the (ones)πεσόντας having fallenἀποτομία, cutting off,ἐπὶ uponδὲ butσὲ youχρηστότης kindnessθεοῦ, of God,ἐὰν if everἐπιμένῃς you may be remaining uponτῇ theχρηστότητι, kindness,ἐπεὶ sinceκαὶ alsoσὺ youἐκκοπήσῃ. will be cut out. 23  κἀκεῖνοι And those δέ, but,ἐὰν if everμὴ notἐπιμένωσι they may be remaining uponτῇ theἀπιστίᾳ, unbelief,ἐνκεντρισθήσονται· they will be grafted in;δυνατὸς powerfulγάρ forἐστιν istheθεὸς Godπάλιν againἐνκεντρίσαι to graft inαὐτοὺς. them. 24  εἰ If γὰρ forσὺ youἐκ out ofτῆς theκατὰ according toφύσιν natureἐξεκόπης you were cut outἀγριελαίου of field olive treeκαὶ andπαρὰ besideφύσιν natureἐνεκεντρίσθης you were grafted inεἰς intoκαλλιέλαιον, fine olive tree,πόσῳ to how muchμᾶλλον ratherοὗτοι theseοἱ the (ones)κατὰ according toφύσιν natureἐνκεντρισθήσονται they will be grafted inτῇ to theἰδίᾳ ownἐλαίᾳ. olive tree. 25  Οὐ Not γὰρ forθέλω I am willingὑμᾶς YOUἀγνοεῖν, to be being ignorant,ἀδελφοί, brothers,τὸ theμυστήριον mysteryτοῦτο, this,ἵνα in order thatμὴ notἦτε YOU may beἐν inἑαυτοῖς selvesφρόνιμοι, discreet,ὅτι thatπώρωσις callousnessἀπὸ fromμέρους partτῷ to theἸσραὴλ Israelγέγονεν has occurredἄχρι untilοὗ which (time)τὸ theπλήρωμα fullnessτῶν of theἐθνῶν nationsεἰσέλθῃ, should come in, 26  καὶ and οὕτως thusπᾶς allἸσραὴλ Israelσωθήσεται· will be saved;καθὼς according asγέγραπται it has been writtenἭξει Will comeἐκ out ofΣιὼν Zionthe (one)ῥυόμενος, drawing to self,ἀποστρέψει he will turn awayἀσεβείας irreverenceἀπὸ fromἸακώβ. Jacob. 27  καὶ And αὕτη thisαὐτοῖς to themtheπαρ’ besideἐμοῦ of meδιαθήκη, covenant,ὅταν wheneverἀφέλωμαι I should take offτὰς theἁμαρτίας sinsαὐτῶν. of them. 28  κατὰ According to μὲν indeedτὸ theεὐαγγέλιον good newsἐχθροὶ enemiesδι’ throughὑμᾶς, YOU,κατὰ according toδὲ butτὴν theἐκλογὴν choosingἀγαπητοὶ loved (ones)διὰ throughτοὺς theπατέρας· fathers; 29  ἀμεταμέλητα not to be regretted afterward γὰρ forτὰ theχαρίσματα gracious giftsκαὶ andtheκλῆσις callingτοῦ of theθεοῦ. God. 30  ὥσπερ As-even γὰρ forὑμεῖς YOUποτὲ sometimeἠπειθήσατε YOU disobeyedτῷ to theθεῷ, God,νῦν nowδὲ butἠλεήθητε YOU were shown mercyτῇ to theτούτων of themἀπειθίᾳ, disobedience, 31  οὕτως thus καὶ alsoοὗτοι theseνῦν nowἠπείθησαν disobeyedτῷ to theὑμετέρῳ YOURἐλέει mercyἵνα in order thatκαὶ alsoαὐτοὶ theyνῦν nowἐλεηθῶσιν· might be shown mercy; 32  συνέκλεισεν shut up together γὰρ fortheθεὸς Godτοὺς theπάντας allεἰς intoἀπειθίαν disobedienceἵνα in order thatτοὺς the (ones)πάντας allἐλεήσῃ. he might show mercy to. 33  O βάθος depthπλούτου of richesκαὶ andσοφίας of wisdomκαὶ andγνώσεως of knowledgeθεοῦ· of God;ὡς asἀνεξεραύνητα unsearchableτὰ theκρίματα judgmentsαὐτοῦ of himκαὶ andἀνεξιχνίαστοι untraceableαἱ theὁδοὶ waysαὐτοῦ. of him. 34  Τίς Who γὰρ forἔγνω knewνοῦν mindΚυρίου, of Lord,orτίς whoσύμβουλος counselorαὐτοῦ of himἐγένετο; became? 35  Or τίς Whoπροέδωκεν gave beforeαὐτῷ, to him,καὶ andἀνταποδοθήσεται it will be recompensedαὐτῷ; to him? 36  ὅτι Because ἐξ out ofαὐτοῦ himκαὶ andδι’ throughαὐτοῦ himκαὶ andεἰς intoαὐτὸν himτὰ theπάντα· all (things);αὐτῷ to himtheδόξα gloryεἰς intoτοὺς theαἰῶνας· ages;ἀμήν. amen.