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Online Bible | The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures

Revelation 2:1-29

2  Τῷ To the ἀγγέλῳ angelτῷ theἐν in᾿Εφέσῳ Ephesusἐκκλησίας of ecclesiaγράψον writeΤάδε The-but (things)λέγει is sayingthe (one)κρατῶν holdingτοὺς theἑπτὰ sevenἀστέρας starsἐν inτῇ theδεξιᾷ right [hand]αὐτοῦ, of him,the (one)περιπατῶν walking aboutἐν inμέσῳ middleτῶν of theἑπτὰ sevenλυχνιῶν lampstandsτῶν theχρυσῶν, golden, 2  Οἶδα I have known τὰ theἔργα worksσου, of you,καὶ andτὸν theκόπον laborκαὶ andτὴν theὑπομονήν enduranceσου, of you,καὶ andὅτι thatοὐ notδύνῃ you are ableβαστάσαι to carryκακούς, bad [men],καὶ andἐπείρασας you put to testτοὺς the (ones)λέγοντας sayingἑαυτοὺς themselvesἀποστόλους, apostles,καὶ andοὐκ notεἰσίν, they are,καὶ andεὗρες you foundαὐτοὺς themψευδεῖς· false; 3  καὶ and ὑπομονὴν enduranceἔχεις, you are having,καὶ andἐβάστασας you carriedδιὰ throughτὸ theὄνομά nameμου, of me,καὶ andοὐ notκεκοπίακες. you have labored. 4  ἀλλὰ But ἔχω I am havingκατὰ down onσοῦ youὅτι thatτὴν theἀγάπην loveσου of youτὴν theπρώτην firstἀφῆκες. you let go off. 5  μνημόνευε Be you keeping in mind οὖν thereforeπόθεν from whereπέπτωκες, you have fallen,καὶ andμετανόησον repentκαὶ andτὰ theπρῶτα firstἔργα worksποίησον· do;εἰ ifδὲ butμή, not,ἔρχομαί I am comingσοι, to you,καὶ andκινήσω I shall moveτὴν theλυχνίαν lampstandσου of youἐκ out ofτοῦ theτόπου placeαὐτῆς, of it,ἐὰν if everμὴ notμετανοήσῃς. you should repent. 6  ἀλλὰ But τοῦτο thisἔχεις you are havingὅτι thatμισεῖς you are hatingτὰ theἔργα worksτῶν of theΝικολαϊτῶν, Nicolaitans,which [works]κἀγὼ also Iμισῶ. I am hating. 7  The (one) ἔχων havingοὖς earἀκουσάτω let him hearτί whatτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritλέγει is sayingταῖς to theἐκκλησίαις. ecclesias.Τῷ To the (one)νικῶντι conqueringδώσω I shall giveαὐτῷ to himφαγεῖν to eatἐκ out ofτοῦ theξύλου woodτῆς of theζωῆς, life,whichἐστιν isἐν inτῷ theπαραδείσῳ paradiseτοῦ of theθεοῦ. God. 8  Καὶ And τῷ to theἀγγέλῳ angelτῷ theἐν inΣμύρνῃ Smyrnaἐκκλησίας of ecclesiaγράψον writeΤάδε The-but (things)λέγει is sayingtheπρῶτος firstκαὶ andtheἔσχατος, last,ὃς whoἐγένετο came to beνεκρὸς dead (one)καὶ andἔζησεν, he lived, 9  Οἶδά I have known σου of youτὴν theθλίψιν tribulationκαὶ andτὴν theπτωχείαν, poverty,ἀλλὰ butπλούσιος richεἶ, you are,καὶ andτὴν theβλασφημίαν blasphemyἐκ out ofτῶν the (ones)λεγόντων sayingἸουδαίους Jewsεἶναι to beἑαυτούς, themselves,καὶ andοὐκ notεἰσίν, they are,ἀλλὰ butσυναγωγὴ synagogueτοῦ of theΣατανᾶ. Satan. 10  μὴ Not φοβοῦ be fearingwhat (things)μέλλεις you are aboutπάσχειν. to be suffering.ἰδοὺ Look!μέλλει Is aboutβάλειν to throwtheδιάβολος Devilἐξ out ofὑμῶν YOUεἰς intoφυλακὴν prisonἵνα in order thatπειρασθῆτε, YOU might be tested,καὶ andἔχητε YOU may be havingθλίψιν tribulationἡμερῶν of daysδέκα. ten.γίνου Be becomingπιστὸς faithfulἄχρι untilθανάτου, death,καὶ andδώσω I shall giveσοι to youτὸν theστέφανον crownτῆς of theζωῆς. life. 11  The (one) ἔχων havingοὖς earἀκουσάτω let him hearτί whatτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritλέγει is sayingταῖς to theἐκκλησίαις. ecclesias,The (one)νικῶν conqueringοὐ notμὴ notἀδικηθῇ should be treated unrighteouslyἐκ out ofτοῦ theθανάτου deathτοῦ theδευτέρου. second. 12  Καὶ And τῷ to theἀγγέλῳ angelτῆς of theἐν inΠεργάμῳ Pergamumἐκκλησίας of ecclesiaγράψον writeΤάδε The-but (things)λέγει is sayingthe (one)ἔχων havingτὴν theῥομφαίαν long swordτὴν theδίστομον two-mouthedτὴν theὀξεῖαν sharp 13  Οἶδα I have known ποῦ whereκατοικεῖς, you are dwelling,ὅπου wheretheθρόνος throneτοῦ of theΣατανᾶ, Satan,καὶ andκρατεῖς you are holdingτὸ theὄνομά nameμου, of me,καὶ andοὐκ notἠρνήσω you deniedτὴν theπίστιν faithμου of meκαὶ andἐν inταῖς theἡμέραις days᾿Αντίπας, [of] Antipas,theμάρτυς witnessμου, of me,theπιστός faithful (one)μου, of me,ὃς whoἀπεκτάνθη was killedπαρ’ besideὑμῖν, YOU,ὅπου wheretheΣατανᾶς Satanκατοικεῖ. is dwelling. 14  ἀλλὰ But ἔχω I am havingκατὰ down onσοῦ youὀλίγα, few (things),ὅτι thatἔχεις you are havingἐκεῖ thereκρατοῦντας (ones) holdingτὴν theδιδαχὴν teachingΒαλαάμ, of Balaam,ὃς whoἐδίδασκεν was teachingτῷ to theΒαλὰκ Balakβαλεῖν to throwσκάνδαλον fall-causerἐνώπιον in sightτῶν of theυἱῶν sonsἸσραήλ, of Israel,φαγεῖν to eatεἰδωλόθυτα (things) sacrificed to idolsκαὶ andπορνεῦσαι· to commit fornication; 15  οὕτως thus ἔχεις you are havingκαὶ alsoσὺ youκρατοῦντας (ones) holdingτὴν theδιδαχὴν teachingΝικολαϊτῶν of Nicolaitansὁμοίως. likewise. 16  μετανόησον Repent οὖν· therefore;εἰ ifδὲ butμή, not,ἔρχομαί I am comingσοι to youταχύ, quickly,καὶ andπολεμήσω I shall warμετ’ withαὐτῶν themἐν inτῇ theῥομφαίᾳ long swordτοῦ of theστόματός mouthμου. of me. 17  The (one) ἔχων havingοὖς earἀκουσάτω let him hearτί whatτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritλέγει is sayingταῖς to theἐκκλησίαις. ecclesias.Τῷ To the (one)νικῶντι conqueringδώσω I shall giveαὐτῷ to himτοῦ of theμάννα mannaτοῦ the (one)κεκρυμμένου, having been hidden,καὶ andδώσω I shall giveαὐτῷ to himψῆφον pebbleλευκήν, white,καὶ andἐπὶ uponτὴν theψῆφον pebbleὄνομα nameκαινὸν newγεγραμμένον having been writtenwhichοὐδεὶς no oneοἶδεν has knownεἰ ifμὴ notthe (one)λαμβάνων. receiving. 18  Καὶ And τῷ to theἀγγέλῳ angelτῷ to theἐν inΘυατείροις Thyatiraἐκκλησίας of ecclesiaγράψον writeΤάδε The-but (things)λέγει is sayingtheυἱὸς Sonτοῦ of theθεοῦ, God,the (one)ἔχων havingτοὺς theὀφθαλμοὺς eyesαὐτοῦ of himὡς asφλόγα flameπυρός, of fire,καὶ andοἱ theπόδες feetαὐτοῦ of himὅμοιοι likeχαλκολιβάνῳ, to fine copper, 19  Οἶδά I have known σου of youτὰ theἔργα, works,καὶ andτὴν theἀγάπην loveκαὶ andτὴν theπίστιν faithκαὶ andτὴν theδιακονίαν serviceκαὶ andτὴν theὑπομονήν enduranceσου, of you,καὶ andτὰ theἔργα worksσου of youτὰ theἔσχατα last (ones)πλείονα moreτῶν of theπρώτων. first (ones). 20  ἀλλὰ But ἔχω I am havingκατὰ againstσοῦ youὅτι thatἀφεῖς you are letting go offτὴν theγυναῖκα womanἸεζάβελ, Jezebel,the (one)λέγουσα sayingἑαυτὴν herselfπροφῆτιν, prophetess,καὶ andδιδάσκει she is teachingκαὶ andπλανᾷ she is making to errτοὺς theἐμοὺς myδούλους slavesπορνεῦσαι to commit fornicationκαὶ andφαγεῖν to eatεἰδωλόθυτα. (things) sacrificed to idols. 21  καὶ And ἔδωκα I gaveαὐτῇ to herχρόνον timeἵνα in order thatμετανοήσῃ, she might repent,καὶ andοὐ notθέλει she is willingμετανοῆσαι to repentἐκ out ofτῆς theπορνείας fornicationαὐτῆς. of her. 22  ἰδοὺ Look! βάλλω I am throwingαὐτὴν herεἰς intoκλίνην, bed,καὶ andτοὺς the (ones)μοιχεύοντας committing adulteryμετ’ withαὐτῆς herεἰς intoθλίψιν tribulationμεγάλην, great,ἐὰν if everμὴ notμετανοήσουσιν they will repentἐκ out ofτῶν theἔργων worksαὐτῆς· of her; 23  καὶ and τὰ theτέκνα childrenαὐτῆς of herἀποκτενῶ I shall killἐν inθανάτῳ· death;καὶ andγνώσονται will knowπᾶσαι allαἱ theἐκκλησίαι ecclesiasὅτι thatἐγώ Iεἰμι amthe (one)ἐραυνῶν searchingνεφροὺς kidneysκαὶ andκαρδίας, hearts,καὶ andδώσω I shall giveὑμῖν to YOUἑκάστῳ to each (one)κατὰ according toτὰ theἔργα worksὑμῶν. of YOU. 24  ὑμῖν To YOU δὲ butλέγω I am sayingτοῖς to theλοιποῖς leftover (ones)τοῖς the (ones)ἐν inΘυατείροις, Thyatira,ὅσοι as many (ones) asοὐκ notἔχουσιν are havingτὴν theδιδαχὴν teachingταύτην, this,οἵτινες whoοὐκ notἔγνωσαν they knewτὰ the (things)βαθέα deepτοῦ of theΣατανᾶ, Satan,ὡς asλέγουσιν, they are saying,οὐ notβάλλω I am throwingἐφ’ uponὑμᾶς YOUἄλλο otherβάρος· heavy thing; 25  πλὴν besides which (thing)ἔχετε YOU are havingκρατήσατε hold YOU fastἄχρι untilοὗ which [time]ἂν likelyἥξω. I should come. 26  Καὶ And the (one)νικῶν conqueringκαὶ andthe (one)τηρῶν observingἄχρι untilτέλους endτὰ theἔργα worksμου, of me,δώσω I shall giveαὐτῷ to himἐξουσίαν authorityἐπὶ uponτῶν theἐθνῶν, nations, 27  καὶ and ποιμανεῖ he will shepherdαὐτοὺς themἐν inῥάβδῳ staffσιδηρᾷ made of ironὡς asτὰ theσκεύη vesselsτὰ theκεραμικὰ of potter’s clayσυντρίβεται, is being broken together,ὡς asκἀγὼ also Iεἴληφα have receivedπαρὰ besideτοῦ of theπατρός Fatherμου, of me, 28  καὶ and δώσω I shall giveαὐτῷ to himτὸν theἀστέρα starτὸν theπρωινόν. morning (one). 29  The (one) ἔχων havingοὖς earἀκουσάτω let him hearτί whatτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritλέγει is sayingταῖς to theἐκκλησίαις. ecclesias.