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Matthew 9:1-38

9  Καὶ And ἐμβὰς having stepped inεἰς intoπλοῖον boatδιεπέρασεν, he crossed through,καὶ andἦλθεν cameεἰς intoτὴν theἰδίαν ownπόλιν. city. 2  Καὶ And ἰδοὺ look!προσέφερον they were bringing towardαὐτῷ himπαραλυτικὸν paralyticἐπὶ uponκλίνης bedβεβλημένον. having been cast.καὶ Andἰδὼν having seentheἸησοῦς Jesusτὴν theπίστιν faithαὐτῶν of themεἶπεν saidτῷ to theπαραλυτικῷ paralyticΘάρσει, Take courage,τέκνον· child;ἀφίενταί let go off areσου of youαἱ theἁμαρτίαι. sins. 3  Καὶ And ἰδού look!τινες certain onesτῶν of theγραμματέων scribesεἶπαν saidἐν inἑαυτοῖς themselvesΟὗτος This (one)βλασφημεῖ. blasphemes. 4  καὶ And εἰδὼς having knowntheἸησοῦς Jesusτὰς theἐνθυμήσεις thoughtsαὐτῶν of themεἶπεν saidἽνα In order thatτί whatἐνθυμεῖσθε YOU thinkπονηρὰ wicked (things)ἐν inταῖς theκαρδίαις heartsὑμῶν; of YOU? 5  τί Which γάρ forἐστιν isεὐκοπώτερον, easier,εἰπεῖν to say᾿Αφίενταί Are being let go offσου of youαἱ theἁμαρτίαι, sins,orεἰπεῖν to sayἜγειρε Be getting upκαὶ andπεριπάτει; be walking? 6  ἵνα In order that δὲ butεἰδῆτε YOU might knowὅτι thatἐξουσίαν authorityἔχει is havingtheυἱὸς Sonτοῦ of theἀνθρώπου manἐπὶ uponτῆς theγῆς earthἀφιέναι to let go offἁμαρτίας— sins—τότε thenλέγει he is sayingτῷ to theπαραλυτικῷ paralyticἜγειρε Be getting upἆρόν pick upσου of youτὴν theκλίνην bedκαὶ andὕπαγε be going awayεἰς intoτὸν theοἶκόν homeσου. of you. 7  καὶ And ἐγερθεὶς having got upἀπῆλθεν he went offεἰς intoτὸν theοἶκον homeαὐτοῦ. of him. 8  Ἰδόντες Having seen δὲ butοἱ theὄχλοι crowdsἐφοβήθησαν became afraidκαὶ andἐδόξασαν glorifiedτὸν theθεὸν Godτὸν the (one)δόντα having givenἐξουσίαν authorityτοιαύτην suchτοῖς to theἀνθρώποις. men. 9  Καὶ And παράγων passing ontheἸησοῦς Jesusἐκεῖθεν from thereεἶδεν sawἄνθρωπον manκαθήμενον sittingἐπὶ uponτὸ theτελώνιον, tax office,Μαθθαῖον Matthewλεγόμενον, being said,καὶ andλέγει is sayingαὐτῷ to him᾿Ακολούθει Be followingμοι· to me;καὶ andἀναστὰς having risen upἠκολούθησεν he followedαὐτῷ. to him. 10  Καὶ And ἐγένετο it happenedαὐτοῦ of himἀνακειμένου lying upἐν inτῇ theοἰκίᾳ, house,καὶ andἰδοὺ look!πολλοὶ manyτελῶναι tax collectorsκαὶ andἁμαρτωλοὶ sinnersἐλθόντες having comeσυνανέκειντο were lying up withτῷ theἸησοῦ Jesusκαὶ andτοῖς theμαθηταῖς disciplesαὐτοῦ. of him. 11  καὶ And ἰδόντες having seenοἱ theΦαρισαῖοι Phariseesἔλεγον were sayingτοῖς to theμαθηταῖς disciplesαὐτοῦ of himΔιὰ Throughτί whatμετὰ withτῶν theτελωνῶν tax collectorsκαὶ andἁμαρτωλῶν sinnersἐσθίει eatstheδιδάσκαλος teacherὑμῶν; of YOU? 12  The (one) δὲ butἀκούσας having heardεἶπεν saidΟὐ Notχρείαν needἔχουσιν are havingοἱ the (ones)ἰσχύοντες being strongἰατροῦ of healerἀλλὰ butοἱ the (ones)κακῶς badlyἔχοντες. having. 13  πορευθέντες Having gone YOUR way δὲ butμάθετε learn YOUτί whatἐστιν isἜλεος Mercyθέλω I am willingκαὶ andοὐ notθυσίαν· sacrifice;οὐ notγὰρ forἦλθον I cameκαλέσαι to callδικαίους righteous (ones)ἀλλὰ butἁμαρτωλούς. sinners. 14  Τότε Then προσέρχονται are coming towardαὐτῷ himοἱ theμαθηταὶ disciplesἸωάνου of Johnλέγοντες sayingΔιὰ Throughτί whatἡμεῖς weκαὶ andοἱ theΦαρισαῖοι Phariseesνηστεύομεν, we are fasting,οἱ theδὲ butμαθηταὶ disciplesσοῦ of youοὐ notνηστεύουσιν; are fasting? 15  καὶ And εἶπεν saidαὐτοῖς to themtheἸησοῦς JesusΜὴ Notδύνανται are ableοἱ theυἱοὶ sonsτοῦ of theνυμφῶνος bridechamberπενθεῖν to mournἐφ’ uponὅσον how longμετ’ withαὐτῶν themἐστὶν istheνυμφίος; bridegroom?ἐλεύσονται Will comeδὲ butἡμέραι daysὅταν wheneverἀπαρθῇ might be lifted up awayἀπ’ fromαὐτῶν themtheνυμφίος, bridegroom,καὶ andτότε thenνηστεύσουσιν. they will fast. 16  οὐθεὶς Nobody δὲ butἐπιβάλλει puts uponἐπίβλημα patchῥάκους of clothἀγνάφου unshrunkἐπὶ uponἱματίῳ outer garmentπαλαιῷ· old;αἴρει is lifting upγὰρ forτὸ theπλήρωμα fullnessαὐτοῦ of itἀπὸ fromτοῦ theἱματίου, outer garment,καὶ andχεῖρον worseσχίσμα tearγίνεται. becomes. 17  οὐδὲ Neither βάλλουσιν do they putοἶνον wineνέον newεἰς intoἀσκοὺς skin bagsπαλαιούς· old;εἰ ifδὲ butμήγε, not,ῥήγνυνται are burstingοἱ theἀσκοί, skin bags,καὶ andtheοἶνος wineἐκχεῖται is spilled outκαὶ andοἱ theἀσκοὶ skin bagsἀπόλλυνται· are ruined;ἀλλὰ butβάλλουσιν they do putοἶνον wineνέον newεἰς intoἀσκοὺς skin bagsκαινούς, new,καὶ andἀμφότεροι bothσυντηροῦνται. are preserved. 18  Ταῦτα These (things) αὐτοῦ of himλαλοῦντος speakingαὐτοῖς to themἰδοὺ look!ἄρχων rulerεἷς oneπροσελθὼν having come towardπροσεκύνει was doing obeisanceαὐτῷ to himλέγων sayingὅτι thatTheθυγάτηρ daughterμου of meἄρτι right nowἐτελεύτησεν· deceased;ἀλλὰ butἐλθὼν having comeἐπίθες put uponτὴν theχεῖρά handσου of youἐπ’ uponαὐτήν, her,καὶ andζήσεται. she will live. 19  καὶ And ἐγερθεὶς having got uptheἸησοῦς Jesusἠκολούθει was followingαὐτῷ to himκαὶ andοἱ theμαθηταὶ disciplesαὐτοῦ. of him. 20  Καὶ And ἰδοὺ look!γυνὴ womanαἱμορροοῦσα having flux of bloodδώδεκα twelveἔτη yearsπροσελθοῦσα having come towardὄπισθεν behindἥψατο touchedτοῦ of theκρασπέδου fringeτοῦ of theἱματίου outer garmentαὐτοῦ· of him; 21  ἔλεγεν she was saying γὰρ forἐν inἑαυτῇ herself᾿Εὰν If everμόνον onlyἅψωμαι I might touchτοῦ of theἱματίου outer garmentαὐτοῦ of himσωθήσομαι. I shall be saved. 22  The δὲ butἸησοῦς Jesusστραφεὶς having turnedκαὶ andἰδὼν having seenαὐτὴν herεἶπεν saidΘάρσει, Take courage,θύγατερ· daughter;theπίστις faithσου of youσέσωκέν has savedσε. you.καὶ Andἐσώθη was savedtheγυνὴ womanἀπὸ fromτῆς theὥρας hourἐκείνης. that. 23  Καὶ And ἐλθὼν having cometheἸησοῦς Jesusεἰς intoτὴν theοἰκίαν houseτοῦ of theἄρχοντος rulerκαὶ andἰδὼν having seenτοὺς theαὐλητὰς flute playersκαὶ andτὸν theὄχλον crowdθορυβούμενον making uproar 24  ἔλεγεν he was saying ᾿Αναχωρεῖτε, Be you withdrawing,οὐ notγὰρ forἀπέθανεν diedτὸ theκοράσιον little girlἀλλὰ butκαθεύδει· she is sleeping;καὶ andκατεγέλων they were laughing scornfullyαὐτοῦ. of him. 25  ὅτε When δὲ butἐξεβλήθη was thrust outtheὄχλος, crowd,εἰσελθὼν having enteredἐκράτησεν he took holdτῆς of theχειρὸς handαὐτῆς, of her,καὶ andἠγέρθη got upτὸ theκοράσιον. little girl. 26  Καὶ And ἐξῆλθεν came outtheφήμη fameαὕτη thisεἰς intoὅλην wholeτὴν theγῆν earthἐκείνην. that. 27  Καὶ παράγοντι And passing along ἐκεῖθεν from thereτῷ to theἸησοῦ Jesusἠκολούθησαν followedδύο twoτυφλοὶ blind (ones)κράζοντες crying outκαὶ andλέγοντες saying᾿Ελέησον Have mercy uponἡμᾶς, us,υἱὲ SonΔαυείδ. of David. 28  ἐλθόντι Having come δὲ butεἰς intoτὴν theοἰκίαν houseπροσῆλθαν came towardαὐτῷ to himοἱ theτυφλοί, blind (ones),καὶ andλέγει is sayingαὐτοῖς to themtheἸησοῦς JesusΠιστεύετε Do YOU believeὅτι thatδύναμαι I am ableτοῦτο thisποιῆσαι; to do?λέγουσιν They are sayingαὐτῷ to himΝαί, Yes,κύριε. Lord. 29  τότε Then ἥψατο he touchedτῶν of theὀφθαλμῶν eyesαὐτῶν of themλέγων sayingΚατὰ According toτὴν theπίστιν faithὑμῶν of YOUγενηθήτω let it happenὑμῖν. to YOU. 30  καὶ And ἠνεῴχθησαν were openedαὐτῶν of themοἱ theὀφθαλμοί. eyes.Καὶ Andἐνεβριμήθη sternly chargedαὐτοῖς to themtheἸησοῦς Jesusλέγων sayingὉρᾶτε Be seeing YOUμηδεὶς nobodyγινωσκέτω· let be knowing; 31  οἱ the (ones) δὲ butἐξελθόντες having gone outδιεφήμισαν publicizedαὐτὸν himἐν inὅλῃ wholeτῇ theγῇ earthἐκείνῃ. that. 32  Αὐτῶν Of them δὲ butἐξερχομένων going outἰδοὺ look!προσήνεγκαν they brought towardαὐτῷ himκωφὸν dumb oneδαιμονιζόμενον· demon-possessed; 33  καὶ and ἐκβληθέντος having been thrown outτοῦ of theδαιμονίου demonἐλάλησεν spoketheκωφός. dumb one.καὶ Andἐθαύμασαν wonderedοἱ theὄχλοι crowdsλέγοντες sayingΟὐδέποτε Neverἐφάνη it appearedοὕτως thusἐν inτῷ theἸσραήλ. Israel. 34  οἱ The δὲ butΦαρισαῖοι Phariseesἔλεγον were saying᾿Εν Inτῷ theἄρχοντι rulerτῶν of theδαιμονίων demonsἐκβάλλει he throws outτὰ theδαιμόνια. demons. 35  Καὶ And περιῆγεν was going abouttheἸησοῦς Jesusτὰς theπόλεις citiesπάσας allκαὶ andτὰς theκώμας, villages,διδάσκων teachingἐν inταῖς theσυναγωγαῖς synagoguesαὐτῶν of themκαὶ andκηρύσσων preachingτὸ theεὐαγγέλιον good newsτῆς of theβασιλείας kingdomκαὶ andθεραπεύων curingπᾶσαν everyνόσον diseaseκαὶ andπᾶσαν everyμαλακίαν. softness. 36  Ἰδὼν Having seen δὲ butτοὺς theὄχλους crowdsἐσπλαγχνίσθη he felt tender affectionπερὶ aboutαὐτῶν themὅτι becauseἦσαν they wereἐσκυλμένοι skinned (ones)καὶ andἐριμμένοι tossed about (ones)ὡσεὶ as ifπρόβατα sheepμὴ notἔχοντα havingποιμένα. shepherd. 37  τότε Then λέγει he is sayingτοῖς to theμαθηταῖς disciplesαὐτοῦ of himTheμὲν indeedθερισμὸς harvestπολύς, much,οἱ theδὲ butἐργάται workersὀλίγοι· few; 38  δεήθητε beg you οὖν thereforeτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordτοῦ of theθερισμοῦ harvestὅπως so thatἐκβάλῃ he might thrust outἐργάτας workersεἰς intoτὸν theθερισμὸν harvestαὐτοῦ. of him.