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Online Bible | The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures

Matthew 7:1-29

7  Μὴ Not κρίνετε, be YOU judging,ἵνα in order thatμὴ notκριθῆτε· YOU should be judged; 2  ἐν in whatγὰρ forκρίματι judgmentκρίνετε YOU are judgingκριθήσεσθε, YOU will be judged,καὶ andἐν inwhatμέτρῳ measureμετρεῖτε YOU are measuringμετρηθήσεται it will be measuredὑμῖν. to YOU. 3  τί Why δὲ butβλέπεις you look atτὸ theκάρφος strawτὸ the (one)ἐν inτῷ theὀφθαλμῷ eyeτοῦ of theἀδελφοῦ brotherσου, of you,τὴν theδὲ butἐν inτῷ theσῷ yourὀφθαλμῷ eyeδοκὸν rafterοὐ notκατανοεῖς; you are considering? 4  Or πῶς howἐρεῖς will you sayτῷ to theἀδελφῷ brotherσου of youἌφες Let go offἐκβάλω I might throw outτὸ theκάρφος strawἐκ out ofτοῦ theὀφθαλμοῦ eyeσου, of you,καὶ andἰδοὺ look!theδοκὸς rafterἐν inτῷ theὀφθαλμῷ eyeσοῦ; of you? 5  ὑποκριτά, Hypocrite ἔκβαλε throw outπρῶτον firstἐκ out ofτοῦ theὀφθαλμοῦ eyeσοῦ of youτὴν theδοκόν, rafter,καὶ andτότε thenδιαβλέψεις you will clearly seeἐκβαλεῖν to throw outτὸ theκάρφος strawἐκ out ofτοῦ theὀφθαλμοῦ eyeτοῦ of theἀδελφοῦ brotherσου. of you. 6  Μὴ Not δῶτε YOU should giveτὸ toἅγιον holy (thing)τοῖς to theκυσίν, dogs,μηδὲ neitherβάλητε should YOU throwτοὺς theμαργαρίτας pearlsὑμῶν of YOUἔμπροσθεν in frontτῶν of theχοίρων, swine,μή notποτε at any timeκαταπατήσουσιν they will trampleαὐτοὺς themἐν inτοῖς theποσὶν feetαὐτῶν of themκαὶ andστραφέντες having turned aroundῥήξωσιν they should ripὑμᾶς. YOU. 7  Αἰτεῖτε, Be YOU asking, καὶ andδοθήσεται it will be givenὑμῖν· to YOU;ζητεῖτε, be YOU seeking,καὶ andεὑρήσετε· YOU will find;κρούετε, be YOU knocking,καὶ andἀνοιγήσεται it will be openedὑμῖν. to YOU. 8  πᾶς Everyone γὰρ forthe (one)αἰτῶν askingλαμβάνει is receivingκαὶ andthe (one)ζητῶν seekingεὑρίσκει is findingκαὶ andτῷ to the (one)κρούοντι knockingἀνοιγήσεται. it will be opened. 9  Or τίς whoἐξ out ofὑμῶν YOUἄνθρωπος, man,ὃν whomαἰτήσει will asktheυἱὸς sonαὐτοῦ of himἄρτον— bread—μὴ notλίθον stoneἐπιδώσει he will give uponαὐτῷ; him? 10  Or καὶ andἰχθὺν fishαἰτήσει — he will ask—μὴ notὄφιν serpentἐπιδώσει he will give uponαὐτῷ; him? 11  εἰ If οὖν thereforeὑμεῖς YOUπονηροὶ wickedὄντες beingοἴδατε knowδόματα giftsἀγαθὰ goodδιδόναι to be givingτοῖς to theτέκνοις childrenὑμῶν, of YOU,πόσῳ how muchμᾶλλον rathertheπατὴρ Fatherὑμῶν of YOUthe (one)ἐν inτοῖς theοὐρανοῖς heavensδώσει will giveἀγαθὰ good (things)τοῖς to the (ones)αἰτοῦσιν askingαὐτόν. him. 12  Πάντα All (things) οὖν thereforeὅσα as many asἐὰν if everθέλητε YOU might willἵνα in order thatποιῶσιν may doὑμῖν to YOUοἱ theἄνθρωποι, men,οὕτως thusκαὶ alsoὑμεῖς YOUποιεῖτε be doingαὐτοῖς· to them;οὗτος thisγάρ forἐστιν istheνόμος Lawκαὶ andοἱ theπροφῆται. Prophets. 13  Εἰσέλθατε Enter YOU διὰ throughτῆς theστενῆς narrowπύλης· gate;ὅτι becauseπλατεῖα broadκαὶ andεὐρύχωρος spacioustheὁδὸς waythe (one)ἀπάγουσα leading offεἰς intoτὴν theἀπώλειαν, destruction,καὶ andπολλοί manyεἰσιν areοἱ the (ones)εἰσερχόμενοι enteringδι’ throughαὐτῆς· it; 14  ὅτι because στενὴ narrowtheπύλη gateκαὶ andτεθλιμμένη crampedtheὁδὸς waythe (one)ἀπάγουσα leading offεἰς intoτὴν theζωήν, life,καὶ andὀλίγοι fewεἰσὶν areοἱ the (ones)εὑρίσκοντες findingαὐτήν. it. 15  Προσέχετε Be YOU attentive ἀπὸ fromτῶν theψευδοπροφητῶν, false prophets,οἵτινες whoeverἔρχονται are comingπρὸς towardὑμᾶς YOUἐν inἐνδύμασι clothesπροβάτων of sheepἔσωθεν insideδέ butεἰσιν areλύκοι wolvesἅρπαγες. ravenous. 16  ἀπὸ From τῶν theκαρπῶν fruitsαὐτῶν of themἐπιγνώσεσθε YOU will recognizeαὐτούς· them;μήτι not whatσυλλέγουσιν they gatherἀπὸ fromἀκανθῶν thornsσταφυλὰς grapesorἀπὸ fromτριβόλων thistlesσῦκα; figs? 17  οὕτω Thus πᾶν everyδένδρον treeἀγαθὸν goodκαρποὺς fruitsκαλοὺς fineποιεῖ, is making,τὸ theδὲ butσαπρὸν rottenδένδρον treeκαρποὺς fruitsπονηροὺς wickedποιεῖ· is making; 18  οὐ not δύναται is ableδένδρον treeἀγαθὸν goodκαρποὺς fruitsπονηροὺς wickedἐνεγκεῖν, to bear,οὐδὲ neitherδένδρον treeσαπρὸν rottenκαρποὺς fruitsκαλοὺς fineποιεῖν. to be making. 19  πᾶν Every δένδρον treeμὴ notποιοῦν makingκαρπὸν fruitκαλὸν fineἐκκόπτεται is being cut outκαὶ andεἰς intoπῦρ fireβάλλεται. it is thrown. 20  ἄραγε Really then ἀπὸ fromτῶν theκαρπῶν fruitsαὐτῶν of themἐπιγνώσεσθε YOU will recognizeαὐτούς. them. 21  Οὐ Not πᾶς everyonethe (ones)λέγων sayingμοι to meΚύριε Lordκύριε Lordεἰσελεύσεται will enterεἰς intoτὴν theβασιλείαν kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν, heavens,ἀλλ’ butthe (one)ποιῶν doingτὸ theθέλημα willτοῦ of theπατρός Fatherμου of meτοῦ the (one)ἐν inτοῖς theοὐρανοῖς. heavens. 22  πολλοὶ Many ἐροῦσίν will sayμοι to meἐν inἐκείνῃ thatτῇ theἡμέρᾳ dayΚύριε Lordκύριε, Lord,οὐ notτῷ to theσῷ yourὀνόματι nameἐπροφητεύσαμεν, prophesied we,καὶ andτῷ to theσῷ yourὀνόματι nameδαιμόνια demonsἐξεβάλομεν, threw we out,καὶ andτῷ to theσῷ yourὀνόματι nameδυνάμεις powerful worksπολλὰς manyἐποιήσαμεν; did we? 23  καὶ And τότε thenὁμολογήσω I shall confessαὐτοῖς to themὅτι thatΟὐδέποτε Neverἔγνων I knewὑμᾶς· YOU;ἀποχωρεῖτε be getting awayἀπ’ fromἐμοῦ meοἱ the (ones)ἐργαζόμενοι workingτὴν theἀνομίαν. lawlessness. 24  Πᾶς Everyone οὖν thereforeὅστις whoeverἀκούει hearsμου of meτοὺς theλόγους wordsτούτους theseκαὶ andποιεῖ doesαὐτούς, them,ὁμοιωθήσεται will be likenedἀνδρὶ to male personφρονίμῳ, discreet,ὅστις whoeverᾠκοδόμησεν builtαὐτοῦ of himτὴν theοἰκίαν houseἐπὶ uponτὴν theπέτραν. rock-mass. 25  καὶ And κατέβη came downtheβροχὴ rainκαὶ andἦλθαν cameοἱ theποταμοὶ riversκαὶ andἔπνευσαν blewοἱ theἄνεμοι windsκαὶ andπροσέπεσαν fell towardτῇ theοἰκίᾳ houseἐκείνῃ, that,καὶ andοὐκ notἔπεσεν, it fell,τεθεμελίωτο it had been foundedγὰρ forἐπὶ uponτὴν theπέτραν. rock-mass. 26  Καὶ And πᾶς everyonethe (one)ἀκούων hearingμου of meτοὺς theλόγους wordsτούτους theseκαὶ andμὴ notποιῶν doingαὐτοὺς themὁμοιωθήσεται will be likenedἀνδρὶ to maleμωρῷ, foolish,ὅστις whoeverᾠκοδόμησεν builtαὐτοῦ of himτὴν theοἰκίαν houseἐπὶ uponτὴν theἄμμον. sand. 27  καὶ And κατέβη came downtheβροχὴ rainκαὶ andἦλθαν cameοἱ theποταμοὶ riversκαὶ andἔπνευσαν blewοἱ theἄνεμοι windsκαὶ andπροσέκοψαν struck towardτῇ theοἰκίᾳ houseἐκείνῃ, that,καὶ andἔπεσεν, it fell,καὶ andἦν wastheπτῶσις fallαὐτῆς of itμεγάλη. great. 28  Καὶ And ἐγένετο it occurredὅτε whenἐτέλεσεν finishedtheἸησοῦς Jesusτοὺς theλόγους wordsτούτους, these,ἐξεπλήσσοντο were being astoundedοἱ theὄχλοι crowdsἐπὶ uponτῇ theδιδαχῇ teachingαὐτοῦ· of him; 29  ἦν he was γὰρ forδιδάσκων teachingαὐτοὺς themὡς asἐξουσίαν authorityἔχων havingκαὶ andοὐχ notὡς asοἱ theγραμματεῖς scribesαὐτῶν. of them.