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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Online Bible | The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures

Matthew 5:1-48

5  Ἰδὼν Having seen δὲ butτοὺς theὄχλους crowdsἀνέβη he went upεἰς intoτὸ theὄρος· mountain;καὶ andκαθίσαντος having sat downαὐτοῦ of himπροσῆλθαν came towardαὐτῷ to himοἱ theμαθηταὶ disciplesαὐτοῦ· of him; 2  καὶ and ἀνοίξας having openedτὸ theστόμα mouthαὐτοῦ of himἐδίδασκεν he was teachingαὐτοὺς themλέγων saying 3  Μακάριοι Happy οἱ theπτωχοὶ poor onesτῷ (as) to theπνεύματι, spirit,ὅτι thatαὐτῶν of themἐστὶν istheβασιλεία kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν. heavens. 4  μακάριοι Happy οἱ the (ones)πενθοῦντες, mourning,ὅτι thatαὐτοὶ theyπαρακληθήσονται. will be comforted. 5  μακάριοι Happy οἱ theπραεῖς, mild-tempered (ones),ὅτι thatαὐτοὶ theyκληρονομήσουσι will inheritτὴν theγῆν. earth. 6  μακάριοι Happy οἱ the (ones)πεινῶντες hungering forκαὶ andδιψῶντες thirsting forτὴν theδικαιοσύνην, righteousness,ὅτι thatαὐτοὶ theyχορτασθήσονται. will be satisfied. 7  μακάριοι Happy οἱ theἐλεήμονες, merciful ones,ὅτι thatαὐτοὶ theyἐλεηθήσονται. will be shown mercy. 8  μακάριοι Happy οἱ theκαθαροὶ pure onesτῇ (as) to theκαρδίᾳ, heart,ὅτι thatαὐτοὶ theyτὸν theθεὸν Godὄψονται. will see. 9  μακάριοι Happy οἱ theεἰρηνοποιοί, peacemakers,ὅτι thatαὐτοὶ theyυἱοὶ sonsθεοῦ of Godκληθήσονται. will be called. 10  μακάριοι Happy οἱ the (ones)δεδιωγμένοι having been persecutedἕνεκεν on accountδικαιοσύνης, of righteousness,ὅτι thatαὐτῶν of themἐστὶν istheβασιλεία kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν. heavens. 11  μακάριοί Happy ἐστε are YOUὅταν wheneverὀνειδίσωσιν they might reproachὑμᾶς YOUκαὶ andδιώξωσιν might persecuteκαὶ andεἴπωσιν might sayπᾶν everyπονηρὸν wicked (thing)καθ’ downὑμῶν YOUψευδόμενοι lyingἕνεκεν on accountἐμοῦ· of me; 12  χαίρετε be rejoicing καὶ andἀγαλλιᾶσθε, be exulting,ὅτι thattheμισθὸς rewardὑμῶν of YOUπολὺς muchἐν inτοῖς theοὐρανοῖς· heavens;οὕτως thusγὰρ forἐδίωξαν they persecutedτοὺς theπροφήτας prophetsτοὺς the (ones)πρὸ beforeὑμῶν. YOU. 13  Ὑμεῖς YOU ἐστὲ areτὸ theἅλας saltτῆς of theγῆς· earth;ἐὰν if everδὲ butτὸ theἅλας saltμωρανθῇ, should lose strength,ἐν inτίνι whatἁλισθήσεται; will it be made salty?εἰς Intoοὐδὲν nothingἰσχύει it is strongἔτι yetεἰ ifμὴ notβληθὲν thrownἔξω outsideκαταπατεῖσθαι to be trampled onὑπὸ byτῶν theἀνθρώπων. men. 14  ὑμεῖς YOU ἐστὲ areτὸ theφῶς lightτοῦ of theκόσμου. world.οὐ Notδύναται is ableπόλις cityκρυβῆναι to be hidἐπάνω on topὄρους of mountainκειμένη· lying; 15  οὐδὲ neither καίουσιν they lightλύχνον lampκαὶ andτιθέασιν they setαὐτὸν itὑπὸ underτὸν theμόδιον measuring basketἀλλ’ butἐπὶ uponτὴν theλυχνίαν, lampstand,καὶ andλάμπει it shinesπᾶσιν to allτοῖς the (ones)ἐν inτῇ theοἰκίᾳ. house. 16  οὕτως Thus λαμψάτω let shineτὸ theφῶς lightὑμῶν of YOUἔμπροσθεν in frontτῶν of theἀνθρώπων, men,ὅπως so thatἴδωσιν they might seeὑμῶν of YOUτὰ theκαλὰ fineἔργα worksκαὶ andδοξάσωσιν they might glorifyτὸν theπατέρα Fatherὑμῶν of YOUτὸν the (one)ἐν inτοῖς theοὐρανοῖς. heavens. 17  Μὴ Not νομίσητε should YOU thinkὅτι thatἦλθον I cameκαταλῦσαι to destroyτὸν theνόμον Laworτοὺς theπροφήτας· Prophets;οὐκ notἦλθον I cameκαταλῦσαι to destroyἀλλὰ butπληρῶσαι· to fulfill; 18  ἀμὴν amen γὰρ forλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,ἕως untilἂν likelyπαρέλθῃ might pass awaytheοὐρανὸς heavenκαὶ andtheγῆ, earth,ἰῶτα iotaἓν oneorμία oneκερέα little hornοὐ notμὴ notπαρέλθῃ should pass awayἀπὸ fromτοῦ theνόμου Lawἕως untilἂν likelyπάντα all (things)γένηται. should take place. 19  ὃς Who ἐὰν if everοὖν thereforeλύσῃ should looseμίαν oneτῶν of theἐντολῶν commandmentsτούτων theseτῶν theἐλαχίστων least onesκαὶ andδιδάξῃ should teachοὕτως thusτοὺς theἀνθρώπους, men,ἐλάχιστος least oneκληθήσεται will be calledἐν inτῇ theβασιλείᾳ kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν· heavens;ὃς whoδ’ butἂν likelyποιήσῃ should doκαὶ andδιδάξῃ, should teach,οὗτος thisμέγας greatκληθήσεται will be calledἐν inτῇ theβασιλείᾳ kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν. heavens. 20  λέγω I am saying γὰρ forὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatἐὰν if everμὴ notπερισσεύσῃ might aboundὑμῶν of YOUtheδικαιοσύνη righteousnessπλεῖον moreτῶν of theγραμματέων scribesκαὶ andΦαρισαίων, Pharisees,οὐ notμὴ notεἰσέλθητε YOU should enterεἰς intoτὴν theβασιλείαν kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν. heavens. 21  Ἠκούσατε YOU heard ὅτι thatἐρρέθη it was saidτοῖς to theἀρχαίοις ancientsΟὐ Notφονεύσεις· you shall murder;ὃς whoδ’ butἂν likelyφονεύσῃ, might murder,ἔνοχος accountableἔσται will beτῇ to theκρίσει. judgment. 22  ᾿Εγὼ I δὲ butλέγω am sayingὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatπᾶς everyonetheὀργιζόμενος being wrathfulτῷ to theἀδελφῷ brotherαὐτοῦ of himἔνοχος accountableἔσται will beτῇ to theκρίσει· judgment;ὃς whoδ’ butἂν likelyεἴπῃ might sayτῷ to theἀδελφῷ brotherαὐτοῦ of himῬακά, Raca,ἔνοχος accountableἔσται will beτῷ to theσυνεδρίῳ· Sanhedrin;ὃς whoδ’ butἂν likelyεἴπῃ might sayΜωρέ, Fool,ἔνοχος accountableἔσται will beεἰς intoτὴν theγέενναν Gehennaτοῦ of theπυρός. fire. 23  ἐὰν If ever οὖν thereforeπροσφέρῃς you might bring towardτὸ theδῶρόν giftσου of youἐπὶ uponτὸ theθυσιαστήριον altarκἀκεῖ and thereμνησθῇς you might rememberὅτι thattheἀδελφός brotherσου of youἔχει is havingτι somethingκατὰ down onσοῦ, you, 24  ἄφες let go off ἐκεῖ thereτὸ theδῶρόν giftσου of youἔμπροσθεν in frontτοῦ of theθυσιαστηρίου, altar,καὶ andὕπαγε go awayπρῶτον firstδιαλλάγηθι be reconciledτῷ to theἀδελφῷ brotherσου, of you,καὶ andτότε thenἐλθὼν having comeπρόσφερε be bringing towardτὸ theδῶρόν giftσου. of you. 25  ἴσθι Be εὐνοῶν well-mindedτῷ to theἀντιδίκῳ adversaryσου of youταχὺ quicklyἕως untilὅτου whenεἶ you areμετ’ withαὐτοῦ himἐν inτῇ theὁδῷ, way,μή notποτέ at any timeσε youπαραδῷ might give overtheἀντίδικος adversaryτῷ to theκριτῇ, judge,καὶ andtheκριτὴς judgeτῷ to theὑπηρέτῃ, subordinate,καὶ andεἰς intoφυλακὴν prisonβληθήσῃ· you might be thrown; 26  ἀμὴν amen λέγω I am sayingσοι, to you,οὐ notμὴ notἐξέλθῃς you should come outἐκεῖθεν from thereἕως untilἂν likelyἀποδῷς you should have given backτὸν theἔσχατον lastκοδράντην. quadrans. 27  Ἠκούσατε YOU heard ὅτι thatἐρρέθη it was saidΟὐ Notμοιχεύσεις. you shall commit adultery. 28  ᾿Εγὼ I δὲ butλέγω am sayingὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatπᾶς everyonethe (one)βλέπων looking atγυναῖκα womanπρὸς towardτὸ theἐπιθυμῆσαι to desireαὐτὴν herἤδη alreadyἐμοίχευσεν he committed adultery withαὐτὴν herἐν inτῇ theκαρδίᾳ heartαὐτοῦ. of him. 29  εἰ If δὲ buttheὀφθαλμός eyeσου of youtheδεξιὸς rightσκανδαλίζει stumblesσε, you,ἔξελε take outαὐτὸν itκαὶ andβάλε throw awayἀπὸ fromσοῦ, you,συμφέρει it is advantageousγάρ forσοι to youἵνα in order thatἀπόληται should be lostἓν oneτῶν of theμελῶν membersσου of youκαὶ andμὴ notὅλον wholeτὸ theσῶμά bodyσου of youβληθῇ should be thrownεἰς intoγέενναν· Gehenna; 30  καὶ and εἰ iftheδεξιά rightσου of youχεὶρ handσκανδαλίζει stumblesσε, you,ἔκκοψον cut offαὐτὴν itκαὶ andβάλε throw awayἀπὸ fromσοῦ, you,συμφέρει it is advantageousγάρ forσοι to youἵνα in order thatἀπόληται should be lostἓν oneτῶν of theμελῶν membersσου of youκαὶ andμὴ notὅλον wholeτὸ theσῶμά bodyσου of youεἰς intoγέενναν Gehennaἀπέλθῃ. should go off. 31  ᾿Ερρέθη It was said δέ butὋς Whoἂν likelyἀπολύσῃ might divorceτη theγυναῖκα womanαὐτοῦ, of him,δότω let him giveαὐτῇ to herἀποστάσιον. certificate of divorce. 32  ᾿Εγὼ I δὲ butλέγω am sayingὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatπᾶς everyonethe (one)ἀπολύων divorcingτὴν theγυναῖκα womanαὐτοῦ of himπαρεκτὸς exceptλόγου of wordπορνείας of fornicationποιεῖ is makingαὐτὴν herμοιχευθῆναι, to commit adultery,καὶ andὃς whoἐὰν if everἀπολελυμένην [woman] having been divorcedγαμήσῃ might marryμοιχᾶται. commits adultery. 33  Πάλιν Again ἠκούσατε YOU heardὅτι thatἐρρέθη it was saidτοῖς to theἀρχαίοις ancientsΟὐκ Notἐπιορκήσεις, you shall make oath falsely,ἀποδώσεις you shall give backδὲ butτῷ to theκυρίῳ Lordτοὺς theὅρκους oathsσου. of you. 34  ᾿Εγὼ I δὲ butλέγω am sayingὑμῖν to YOUμὴ notὀμόσαι to swearὅλως· wholly;μήτε neitherἐν inτῷ theοὐρανῷ, heaven,ὅτι becauseθρόνος throneἐστὶν it isτοῦ of theθεοῦ· God; 35  μήτε nor ἐν inτῇ theγῇ, earth,ὅτι becauseὑποπόδιόν footstoolἐστιν it isτῶν of theποδῶν feetαὐτοῦ· of him;μήτε norεἰς intoἸεροσόλυμα, Jerusalem,ὅτι becauseπόλις cityἐστὶν it isτοῦ of theμεγάλου greatΒασιλέως· King; 36  μήτε nor ἐν inτῇ theκεφαλῇ headσου of youὀμόσῃς, you should swear,ὅτι becauseοὐ notδύνασαι you are ableμίαν oneτρίχα hairλευκὴν whiteποιῆσαι to makeorμέλαιναν. black. 37  ἔστω Let be δὲ buttheλόγος wordὑμῶν of YOUναὶ yesναί, yes,οὒ noοὔ· no;τὸ theδὲ butπερισσὸν (thing) in excessτούτων of theseἐκ out ofτοῦ theπονηροῦ wicked (one)ἐστίν. is. 38  Ἠκούσατε YOU heard ὅτι thatἐρρέθη it was saidὈφθαλμὸν Eyeἀντὶ instead ofὀφθαλμοῦ eyeκαὶ andὀδόντα toothἀντὶ instead ofὀδόντος. tooth. 39  ᾿Εγὼ I δὲ butλέγω am sayingὑμῖν to YOUμὴ notἀντιστῆναι to resistτῷ to theπονηρῷ· wicked (one);ἀλλ’ butὅστις whoeverσε youῥαπίζει slapsεἰς intoτὴν theδεξιὰν rightσιαγόνα cheekσου, of you,στρέψον turnαὐτῷ to himκαὶ alsoτὴν theἄλλην· other; 40  καὶ and τῷ to the (one)θέλοντί willingσοι to youκριθῆναι to be judgedκαὶ alsoτὸν theχιτῶνά inner garmentσου of youλαβεῖν, to take,ἄφες let go offαὐτῷ to himκαὶ alsoτὸ theἱμάτιον· outer garment; 41  καὶ and ὅστις whoeverσε youἀγγαρεύσει will impress into goingμίλιον mileἕν, one,ὕπαγε be going awayμετ’ withαὐτοῦ himδύο. two. 42  τῷ To the (one) αἰτοῦντί askingσε youδός, give,καὶ andτὸν the (one)θέλοντα willingἀπὸ fromσοῦ youδανίσασθαι to borrowμὴ notἀποστραφῇς. you should be turned away. 43  Ἠκούσατε YOU heard ὅτι thatἐρρέθη it was said᾿Αγαπήσεις You shall loveτὸν theπλησίον neighborσου of youκαὶ andμισήσεις you shall hateτὸν theἐχθρόν enemyσου. of you. 44  ᾿Εγὼ I δὲ butλέγω am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,ἀγαπᾶτε be lovingτοὺς theἐχθροὺς enemiesὑμῶν of YOUκαὶ andπροσεύχεσθε be prayingὑπὲρ overτῶν the (ones)διωκόντων persecutingὑμᾶς· YOU; 45  ὅπως so that γένησθε YOU might prove to beυἱοὶ sonsτοῦ of theπατρὸς Fatherὑμῶν of YOUτοῦ of the (one)ἐν inοὐρανοῖς, heavens,ὅτι becauseτὸν theἥλιον sunαὐτοῦ of himἀνατέλλει he is making riseἐπὶ uponπονηροὺς wicked (ones)καὶ andἀγαθοὺς good (ones)καὶ andβρέχει he is rainingἐπὶ uponδικαίους righteous (ones)καὶ andἀδίκους. unrighteous (ones). 46  ἐὰν If ever γὰρ forἀγαπήσητε YOU might loveτοὺς the (ones)ἀγαπῶντας lovingὑμᾶς, YOU,τίνα whatμισθὸν rewardἔχετε; are having YOU?οὐχὶ Notκαὶ alsoοἱ theτελῶναι tax collectorsτὸ theαὐτὸ veryποιοῦσιν; are doing? 47  καὶ And ἐὰν if everἀσπάσησθε YOU might greetτοὺς theἀδελφοὺς brothersὑμῶν of YOUμόνον, only,τί whatπερισσὸν (thing) in excessποιεῖτε; are doing YOU?οὐχὶ Notκαὶ alsoοἱ theἐθνικοὶ nationalsτὸ theαὐτὸ veryποιοῦσιν; are doing? 48  Ἔσεσθε YOU shall be οὖν thereforeὑμεῖς YOUτέλειοι perfectὡς astheπατὴρ Fatherὑμῶν of YOUtheοὐράνιος heavenlyτέλειός perfectἐστιν. is.