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Online Bible | The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures

Matthew 3:1-17

3  ᾿Εν In δὲ butταῖς theἡμέραις daysἐκείναις thoseπαραγίνεται comes to be alongsideἸωάνης Johntheβαπτιστὴς Baptistκηρύσσων preachingἐν inτῇ theἐρήμῳ wildernessτῆς of theἸουδαίας Judea 2  λέγων saying Μετανοεῖτε, Be you repenting,ἤγγικεν has drawn nearγὰρ fortheβασιλεία kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν. heavens. 3  Οὗτος This γάρ forἐστιν isthe (one)ῥηθεὶς spoken ofδιὰ throughἨσαίου Isaiahτοῦ theπροφήτου prophetλέγοντος sayingΦωνὴ Voiceβοῶντος of one crying outἐν inτῇ theἐρήμῳ wildernessἙτοιμάσατε Make YOU readyτὴν theὁδὸν wayΚυρίου, of Lord,εὐθείας straightποιεῖτε be makingτὰς theτρίβους roadsαὐτοῦ. of him. 4  Αὐτὸς He δὲ buttheἸωάνης Johnεἶχεν was havingτὸ theἔνδυμα clothingαὐτοῦ of himἀπὸ fromτριχῶν hairsκαμήλου of camelκαὶ andζώνην girdleδερματίνην leathernπερὶ aroundτὴν theὀσφὺν loinαὐτοῦ, of him,theδὲ butτροφὴ foodἦν wasαὐτοῦ of himἀκρίδες locustsκαὶ andμέλι honeyἄγριον. wild. 5  Τότε Then ἐξεπορεύετο was making way outπρὸς towardαὐτὸν himἸεροσόλυμα Jerusalemκαὶ andπᾶσα alltheἸουδαία Judeaκαὶ andπᾶσα alltheπερίχωρος country aroundτοῦ of theἸορδάνου, Jordan, 6  καὶ and ἐβαπτίζοντο were being baptizedἐν inτῷ theἸορδάνῃ Jordanποταμῷ Riverὑπ’ byαὐτοῦ himἐξομολογούμενοι (they) openly confessingτὰς theἁμαρτίας sinsαὐτῶν. of them. 7  Ἰδὼν Having seen δὲ butπολλοὺς manyτῶν of theΦαρισαίων Phariseesκαὶ andΣαδδουκαίων Sadduceesἐρχομένους comingἐπὶ uponτὸ theβάπτισμα baptismεἶπεν he saidαὐτοῖς to themΓεννήματα Generated onesἐχιδνῶν, of vipers,τίς whoὑπέδειξεν showedὑμῖν to YOUφυγεῖν to fleeἀπὸ fromτῆς theμελλούσης about to comeὀργῆς; wrath? 8  ποιήσατε Make YOU οὖν thereforeκαρπὸν fruitἄξιον worthyτῆς of theμετανοίας· repentance; 9  καὶ and μὴ notδόξητε YOU should presumeλέγειν to be sayingἐν inἑαυτοῖς selvesΠατέρα Fatherἔχομεν we haveτὸν the᾿Αβραάμ, Abraham,λέγω I am sayingγὰρ forὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatδύναται is abletheθεὸς Godἐκ out ofτῶν theλίθων stonesτούτων theseἐγεῖραι to raise upτέκνα childrenτῷ to the᾿Αβραάμ. Abraham. 10  ἤδη Already δὲ buttheἀξίνη axπρὸς towardτὴν theῥίζαν rootτῶν of theδένδρων treesκεῖται· is lying;πᾶν everyοὖν thereforeδένδρον treeμὴ notποιοῦν makingκαρπὸν fruitκαλὸν fineἐκκόπτεται is cut outκαὶ andεἰς intoπῦρ fireβάλλεται. is thrown. 11  ἐγὼ I μὲν indeedὑμᾶς YOUβαπτίζω I baptizeἐν inὕδατι waterεἰς intoμετάνοιαν· repentance;the (one)δὲ butὀπίσω behindμου meἐρχόμενος comingἰσχυρότερός strongerμου of meἐστίν, is,οὗ of whomοὐκ notεἰμὶ I amἱκανὸς fitτὰ theὑποδήματα sandalsβαστάσαι· to carry off;αὐτὸς heὑμᾶς YOUβαπτίσει will baptizeἐν inπνεύματι spiritἁγίῳ holyκαὶ andπυρί· fire; 12  οὗ whose τὸ theπτύον winnowing shovelἐν inτῇ theχειρὶ handαὐτοῦ, of him,καὶ andδιακαθαριεῖ he will completely clean upτὴν theἅλωνα threshing floorαὐτοῦ, of him,καὶ andσυνάξει will gatherτὸν theσῖτον wheatαὐτοῦ of himεἰς intoτὴν theἀποθήκην, storehouse,τὸ theδὲ butἄχυρον chaffκατακαύσει he will burn upπυρὶ to fireἀσβέστῳ. inextinguishable. 13  Τότε Then παραγίνεται comes to be alongsidetheἸησοῦς Jesusἀπὸ fromτῆς theΓαλιλαίας Galileeἐπὶ uponτὸν theἸορδάνην Jordanπρὸς towardτὸν theἸωάνην Johnτοῦ of theβαπτισθῆναι to be baptizedὑπ’ byαὐτοῦ. him. 14  The (one) δὲ butδιεκώλυεν was preventingαὐτὸν himλέγων saying᾿Εγὼ Iχρείαν needἔχω I haveὑπὸ byσοῦ youβαπτισθῆναι, to get baptized,καὶ andσὺ youἔρχῃ are comingπρός towardμε; me? 15  ἀποκριθεὶς Having replied δὲ buttheἸησοῦς Jesusεἶπεν saidαὐτῷ to himἌφες Let goἄρτι, right now,οὕτω thusγὰρ forπρέπον suitableἐστὶν isἡμῖν to usπληρῶσαι to fulfillπᾶσαν allδικαιοσύνην. righteousness.τότε Thenἀφίησιν he let goαὐτόν. him. 16  βαπτισθεὶς Having been baptized δὲ buttheἸησοῦς Jesusεὐθὺς immediatelyἀνέβη came upἀπὸ fromτοῦ theὕδατος· water;καὶ andἰδοὺ look!ἠνεῴχθησαν were opened upοἱ theοὐρανοί, heavens,καὶ andεἶδεν he sawπνεῦμα spiritθεοῦ of Godκαταβαῖνον descendingὡσεὶ as ifπεριστερὰν doveἐρχόμενον comingἐπ’ uponαὐτόν· him; 17  καὶ and ἰδοὺ look!φωνὴ voiceἐκ out ofτῶν theοὐρανῶν heavensλέγουσα sayingΟὗτός Thisἐστιν istheυἱός Sonμου of metheἀγαπητός, beloved,ἐν inwhomεὐδόκησα I found good pleasure.