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Matthew 18:1-35

18  ᾿Εν In ἐκείνῃ thatτῇ theὥρᾳ hourπροσῆλθον came towardοἱ theμαθηταὶ disciplesτῷ to theἸησοῦ Jesusλέγοντες sayingΤίς Whoἄρα reallyμείζων greaterἐστὶν isἐν inτῇ theβασιλείᾳ kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν; heavens? 2  καὶ And προσκαλεσάμενος having called towardπαιδίον little boyἔστησεν he stoodαὐτὸ itἐν inμέσῳ middleαὐτῶν of them 3  καὶ and εἶπεν said᾿Αμὴν Amenλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,ἐὰν if everμὴ notστραφῆτε you might turnκαὶ andγένησθε YOU might becomeὡς asτὰ theπαιδία, little boys,οὐ notμὴ notεἰσέλθητε YOU should enterεἰς intoτὴν theβασιλείαν kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν. heavens. 4  ὅστις Whoever οὖν thereforeταπεινώσει will humbleἑαυτὸν himselfὡς asτὸ theπαιδίον little boyτοῦτο, this,οὗτός this (one)ἐστιν istheμείζων greaterἐν inτῇ theβασιλείᾳ kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν· heavens; 5  καὶ and ὃς whoἐὰν if everδέξηται might receiveἓν oneπαιδίον little boyτοιοῦτο suchἐπὶ uponτῷ theὀνόματί nameμου, of me,ἐμὲ meδέχεται· receives; 6  ὃς who δ’ butἂν likelyσκανδαλίσῃ might stumbleἕνα oneτῶν of theμικρῶν little (ones)τούτων theseτῶν the (ones)πιστευόντων believingεἰς intoἐμέ, me,συμφέρει it is bearing togetherαὐτῷ to himἵνα in order thatκρεμασθῇ should be hangedμύλος millstoneὀνικὸς belonging to the assπερὶ aboutτὸν theτράχηλον neckαὐτοῦ of himκαὶ andκαταποντισθῇ he should be sunkἐν inτῷ theπελάγει watery expanseτῆς of theθαλάσσης. sea. 7  Οὐαὶ Woe τῷ to theκόσμῳ worldἀπὸ fromτῶν theσκανδάλων· stumbling blocks;ἀνάγκη necessityγὰρ forἐλθεῖν to comeτὰ theσκάνδαλα, stumbling blocks,πλὴν besidesοὐαὶ woeτῷ to theἀνθρώπῳ manδι’ throughοὗ whomτὸ theσκάνδαλον stumbling blockἔρχεται. is coming. 8  Εἰ If δὲ buttheχείρ handσου of youortheπούς footσου of youσκανδαλίζει is stumblingσε, you,ἔκκοψον cut offαὐτὸν itκαὶ andβάλε throwἀπὸ fromσοῦ· you;καλόν fineσοί to youἐστιν isεἰσελθεῖν to enterεἰς intoτὴν theζωὴν lifeκυλλὸν maimedorχωλόν, lame,thanδύο twoχεῖρας handsorδύο twoπόδας feetἔχοντα havingβληθῆναι to be thrownεἰς intoτὸ theπῦρ fireτὸ theαἰώνιον. everlasting. 9  καὶ And εἰ iftheὀφθαλμός eyeσου of youσκανδαλίζει is stumblingσε, you,ἔξελε take outαὐτὸν itκαὶ andβάλε throwἀπὸ fromσοῦ· you;καλόν fineσοί to youἐστιν it isμονόφθαλμον one-eyedεἰς intoτὴν theζωὴν lifeεἰσελθεῖν, to enter,thanδύο twoὀφθαλμοὺς eyesἔχοντα havingβληθῆναι to be thrownεἰς intoτὴν theγέενναν Gehennaτοῦ of theπυρός. fire. 10  Ὁρᾶτε Be seeing μὴ notκαταφρονήσητε YOU should despiseἑνὸς of oneτῶν of theμικρῶν little (ones)τούτων, these,λέγω I am sayingγὰρ forὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatοἱ theἄγγελοι angelsαὐτῶν of themἐν inοὐρανοῖς heavensδιὰ throughπαντὸς all [time]βλέπουσι are looking atτὸ theπρόσωπον faceτοῦ of theπατρός Fatherμου of meτοῦ the (one)ἐν inοὐρανοῖς. heavens. 11  —— —— 12  τί What ὑμῖν to YOUδοκεῖ; it seems?ἐὰν If everγένηταί might becomeτινι to anyἀνθρώπῳ manἑκατὸν one hundredπρόβατα sheepκαὶ andπλανηθῇ should get strayedἓν oneἐξ out ofαὐτῶν, them,οὐχὶ notἀφήσει he will leaveτὰ theἐνενήκοντα ninety-ἐννέα nineἐπὶ uponτὰ theὄρη mountainsκαὶ andπορευθεὶς having gone his wayζητεῖ he is seekingτὸ the (one)πλανώμενον; straying? 13  καὶ And ἐὰν if everγένηται he might happenεὑρεῖν to findαὐτό, it,ἀμὴν amenλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν to youὅτι thatχαίρει he is rejoicingἐπ’ uponαὐτῷ itμᾶλλον ratherthanἐπὶ uponτοῖς theἐνενήκοντα ninety-ἐννέα nineτοῖς the (ones)μὴ notπεπλανημένοις. having got strayed. 14  οὕτως Thus οὐκ notἔστιν it isθέλημα willἔμπροσθεν in frontτοῦ of theπατρός Fatherμου of meτοῦ of theἐν inοὐρανοῖς heavensἵνα in order thatἀπόληται should perishἓν oneτῶν of theμικρῶν little (ones)τούτων. these. 15  ᾿Εὰν If ever δὲ butἁμαρτήσῃ should sintheἀδελφός brotherσου, of you,ὕπαγε be going awayἔλεγξον reproveαὐτὸν himμεταξὺ betweenσοῦ youκαὶ andαὐτοῦ himμόνου. alone.ἐάν If everσου of youἀκούσῃ, he should hear,ἐκέρδησας you gainedτὸν theἀδελφόν brotherσου· of you; 16  ἐὰν if ever δὲ butμὴ notἀκούσῃ, he should hear,παράλαβε take alongμετὰ withσοῦ youἔτι yetἕνα oneorδύο, two,ἵνα in order thatἐπὶ uponστόματος mouthδύο of twoμαρτύρων witnessesorτριῶν threeσταθῇ might standπᾶν everyῥῆμα· saying; 17  ἐὰν if ever δὲ butπαρακούσῃ he should refuse to hearαὐτῶν, of them,εἰπὸν sayτῇ to theἐκκλησίᾳ· congregation;ἐὰν if everδὲ butκαὶ alsoτῆς of theἐκκλησίας congregationπαρακούσῃ, he should refuse to hear,ἔστω let him beσοι to youὥσπερ as-eventheἐθνικὸς nationalκαὶ andtheτελώνης. tax collector. 18  ᾿Αμὴν Amen λέγω I am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,ὅσα as many (things) asἐὰν if everδήσητε YOU might bindἐπὶ uponτῆς theγῆς earthἔσται will beδεδεμένα (things) having been boundἐν inοὐρανῷ heavenκαὶ andὅσα as many (things) asἐὰν if everλύσητε you might looseἐπὶ uponτῆς theγῆς earthἔσται will beλελυμένα (things) having been loosedἐν inοὐρανῷ. heaven. 19  Πάλιν Again ἀμὴν trulyλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatἐὰν if everδύο twoσυμφωνήσωσιν might agreeἐξ out ofὑμῶν YOUἐπὶ uponτῆς theγῆς earthπερὶ aboutπαντὸς everyπράγματος thing to doοὗ of whichἐὰν if everαἰτήσωνται, they might request,γενήσεται it will take placeαὐτοῖς to themπαρὰ besideτοῦ theπατρός Fatherμου of meτοῦ of the (one)ἐν inοὐρανοῖς. heavens. 20  οὗ Where γάρ forεἰσιν areδύο twoorτρεῖς threeσυνηγμένοι having been led togetherεἰς intoτὸ theἐμὸν myὄνομα, name,ἐκεῖ thereεἰμὶ I amἐν inμέσῳ midstαὐτῶν. of them. 21  Τότε Then προσελθὼν having come towardtheΠέτρος Peterεἶπεν saidαὐτῷ to himΚύριε, Lord,ποσάκις how many timesἁμαρτήσει will sinεἰς intoἐμὲ metheἀδελφός brotherμου of meκαὶ andἀφήσω I shall let go offαὐτῷ; to him?ἕως Untilἑπτάκις; seven times? 22  λέγει Is saying αὐτῷ to himtheἸησοῦς JesusΟὐ Notλέγω I am sayingσοι to youἕως untilἑπτάκις seven timesἀλλὰ butἕως untilἑβδομηκοντάκις seventy timesἑπτά. seven. 23  Διὰ Through τοῦτο thisὡμοιώθη was likenedtheβασιλεία kingdomτῶν of theοὐρανῶν heavensἀνθρώπῳ to manβασιλεῖ kingὃς whoἠθέλησεν willedσυνᾶραι to settleλόγον wordμετὰ withτῶν theδούλων slavesαὐτοῦ· of him; 24  ἀρξαμένου having started δὲ butαὐτοῦ of himσυναίρειν to be settlingπροσήχθη was led towardεἷς oneαὐτῷ to himὀφειλέτης debtorμυρίων of ten thousandταλάντων. talents. 25  μὴ Not ἔχοντος havingδὲ butαὐτοῦ of himἀποδοῦναι to give backἐκέλευσεν commandedαὐτὸν himtheκύριος lordπραθῆναι to be soldκαὶ alsoτὴν theγυναῖκα womanκαὶ andτὰ theτέκνα childrenκαὶ andπάντα all (things)ὅσα as many asἔχει, he is having,καὶ andἀποδοθῆναι. to be given back. 26  πεσὼν Having fallen οὖν thereforetheδοῦλος slaveπροσεκύνει was doing obeisanceαὐτῷ to himλέγων sayingΜακροθύμησον Be long of spiritἐπ’ uponἐμοί, me,καὶ andπάντα all (things)ἀποδώσω I shall give backσοι. to you. 27  σπλαγχνισθεὶς Moved by pity δὲ buttheκύριος lordτοῦ of theδούλου slaveἐκείνου thatἀπέλυσεν let loose offαὐτόν, him,καὶ andτὸ theδάνιον loanἀφῆκεν let go offαὐτῷ. to him. 28  ἐξελθὼν Having gone out δὲ buttheδοῦλος slaveἐκεῖνος thatεὗρεν foundἕνα oneτῶν of theσυνδούλων fellow slavesαὐτοῦ of himὃς whoὤφειλεν was owingαὐτῷ to himἑκατὸν one hundredδηνάρια, denarii,καὶ andκρατήσας having taken hold ofαὐτὸν himἔπνιγεν was chokingλέγων saying᾿Απόδος Give backεἴ ifτι anythingὀφείλεις. you owe. 29  πεσὼν Having fallen οὖν thereforetheσύνδουλος fellow slaveαὐτοῦ of himπαρεκάλει was entreatingαὐτὸν himλέγων sayingΜακροθύμησον Be long of spiritἐπ’ uponἐμοί, me,καὶ andἀποδώσω I shall give backσοι. to you. 30  The (one) δὲ butοὐκ notἤθελεν, was willing,ἀλλὰ butἀπελθὼν having gone offἔβαλεν threwαὐτὸν himεἰς intoφυλακὴν prisonἕως untilἀποδῷ he should give backτὸ the (thing)ὀφειλόμενον. being owed. 31  ἰδόντες Having seen οὖν thereforeοἱ theσύνδουλοι fellow slavesαὐτοῦ of himτὰ the (things)γενόμενα having happenedἐλυπήθησαν were grievedσφόδρα, very much,καὶ andἐλθόντες having comeδιεσάφησαν they made clearτῷ to theκυρίῳ lordἑαυτῶν of themselvesπάντα allτὰ the (things)γενόμενα. having happened. 32  τότε Then προσκαλεσάμενος having called toward selfαὐτὸν himtheκύριος lordαὐτοῦ of himλέγει is sayingαὐτῷ to himΔοῦλε Slaveπονηρέ, wicked,πᾶσαν allτὴν theὀφειλὴν debtἐκείνην thatἀφῆκά I let go offσοι, to you,ἐπεὶ sinceπαρεκάλεσάς you entreatedμε· me; 33  οὐκ not ἔδει was it necessaryκαὶ alsoσὲ youἐλεῆσαι to have mercy onτὸν theσύνδουλόν fellow slaveσου, of you,ὡς asκἀγὼ also Iσὲ youἠλέησα; had mercy on? 34  καὶ And ὀργισθεὶς having been made wrathfultheκύριος lordαὐτοῦ of himπαρέδωκεν gave overαὐτὸν himτοῖς to theβασανισταῖς tormentorsἕως untilοὗ whereἀποδῷ he should give backπᾶν allτὸ the (thing)ὀφειλόμενον. being owed. 35  Οὕτως Thus καὶ alsotheπατήρ Fatherμου of metheοὐράνιος heavenlyποιήσει will doὑμῖν to youἐὰν if everμὴ notἀφῆτε you might let go offἕκαστος each oneτῷ to theἀδελφῷ brotherαὐτοῦ of himἀπὸ fromτῶν theκαρδιῶν heartsὑμῶν. of YOU.