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Luke 19:1-48

19  Καὶ And εἰσελθὼν having enteredδιήρχετο he was going throughτὴν theἸερειχώ. Jericho. 2  Καὶ And ἰδοὺ look!ἀνὴρ male personὀνόματι to nameκαλούμενος being calledΖακχαῖος, Zacchaeus,καὶ andαὐτὸς heἦν wasἀρχιτελώνης chief tax collectorκαὶ andαὐτὸς heπλούσιος· rich; 3  καὶ and ἐζήτει he was seekingἰδεῖν to seeτὸν theἸησοῦν Jesusτίς whoἐστιν, he is,καὶ andοὐκ notἠδύνατο he was ableἀπὸ fromτοῦ theὄχλου crowdὅτι becauseτῇ to theἡλικίᾳ statureμικρὸς smallἦν. he was. 4  καὶ And προδραμὼν having run beforeεἰς intoτὸ theἔμπροσθεν from-in-towardἀνέβη he went upἐπὶ uponσυκομορέαν fig-mulberry treeἵνα in order thatἴδῃ he might seeαὐτόν, him,ὅτι becauseἐκείνης of that [way]ἤμελλεν he was aboutδιέρχεσθαι. to be coming through. 5  καὶ And ὡς asἦλθεν he cameἐπὶ uponτὸν theτόπον, place,ἀναβλέψας having looked uptheἸησοῦς Jesusεἶπεν saidπρὸς towardαὐτόν himΖακχαῖε, Zacchaeus,σπεύσας having hurriedκατάβηθι, come down,σήμερον todayγὰρ forἐν inτῷ theοἴκῳ houseσου of youδεῖ it is necessaryμε meμεῖναι. to stay. 6  καὶ And σπεύσας having hurriedκατέβη, he stepped down,καὶ andὑπεδέξατο he received underαὐτὸν himχαίρων. rejoicing. 7  καὶ And ἰδόντες having seenπάντες allδιεγόγγυζον they were mutteringλέγοντες sayingὅτι thatΠαρὰ Besideἁμαρτωλῷ sinnerἀνδρὶ male personεἰσῆλθεν he went inκαταλῦσαι. to loose down. 8  σταθεὶς Having stood δὲ butΖακχαῖος Zacchaeusεἶπεν saidπρὸς towardτὸν theκύριον LordἸδοὺ Look!τὰ The (things)ἡμίσιά halfμου of meτῶν of theὑπαρχόντων, belongings,κύριε, Lord,τοῖς to theπτωχοῖς poor (ones)δίδωμι, I am giving,καὶ andεἴ ifτινός of anyoneτι anythingἐσυκοφάντησα I took by fig-showingἀποδίδωμι I am giving backτετραπλοῦν. fourfold. 9  εἶπεν Said δὲ butπρὸς towardαὐτὸν himtheἸησοῦς Jesusὅτι thatΣήμερον Todayσωτηρία salvationτῷ to theοἴκῳ houseτούτῳ thisἐγένετο, occurred,καθότι becauseκαὶ alsoαὐτὸς heυἱὸς son᾿Αβραάμ of Abrahamἐστιν· is; 10  ἦλθεν came γὰρ fortheυἱὸς Sonτοῦ of theἀνθρώπου manζητῆσαι to seekκαὶ andσῶσαι to saveτὸ the (thing)ἀπολωλός. having been lost. 11  ᾿Ακουόντων Hearing δὲ butαὐτῶν of themταῦτα these (things)προσθεὶς having addedεἶπεν he saidπαραβολὴν parableδιὰ throughτὸ theἐγγὺς nearεἶναι to beἸερουσαλὴμ of Jerusalemαὐτὸν himκαὶ andδοκεῖν to be thinkingαὐτοὺς themὅτι thatπαραχρῆμα instantlyμέλλει is being abouttheβασιλεία kingdomτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godἀναφαίνεσθαι· to be showing up self; 12  εἶπεν he said οὖν thereforeἌνθρωπός Manτις someεὐγενὴς of noble birthἐπορεύθη went his wayεἰς intoχώραν landμακρὰν long way offλαβεῖν to receiveἑαυτῷ to himselfβασιλείαν kingdomκαὶ andὑποστρέψαι. to return. 13  καλέσας Having called δὲ butδέκα tenδούλους slavesἑαυτοῦ of himselfἔδωκεν he gaveαὐτοῖς to themδέκα tenμνᾶς minasκαὶ andεἶπεν saidπρὸς towardαὐτοὺς themπραγματεύσασθε do YOU businessἐν inwhich [time]ἔρχομαι. I am coming. 14  Οἱ The δὲ butπολῖται citizensαὐτοῦ of himἐμίσουν were hatingαὐτόν, him,καὶ andἀπέστειλαν they sent offπρεσβείαν body of ambassadorsὀπίσω behindαὐτοῦ himλέγοντες sayingΟὐ Notθέλομεν we are willingτοῦτον this (one)βασιλεῦσαι to reignἐφ’ uponἡμᾶς. us. 15  Καὶ And ἐγένετο it occurredἐν inτῷ theἐπανελθεῖν to come backαὐτὸν himλαβόντα having receivedτὴν theβασιλείαν kingdomκαὶ andεἶπεν he saidφωνηθῆναι to be soundedαὐτῷ to himτοὺς theδούλους slavesτούτους theseοἷς to whomδεδώκει he had givenτὸ theἀργύριον, silver [money],ἵνα in order thatγνοῖ he might knowτί whatδιεπραγματεύσαντο. they gained by trading. 16  παρεγένετο Came to be alongside δὲ buttheπρῶτος firstλέγων sayingΚύριε, Lord,theμνᾶ minaσου of youδέκα tenπροσηργάσατο worked itself towardμνᾶς. minas. 17  καὶ And εἶπεν he saidαὐτῷ to himΕὖγε, Well indeed,ἀγαθὲ goodδοῦλε, slave,ὅτι becauseἐν inἐλαχίστῳ least (thing)πιστὸς faithfulἐγένου, you proved to be,ἴσθι beἐξουσίαν authorityἔχων havingἐπάνω on topδέκα tenπόλεων. of cities. 18  καὶ And ἦλθεν cametheδεύτερος secondλέγων sayingTheμνᾶ minaσου, of you,κύριε, Lord,ἐποίησεν madeπέντε fiveμνᾶς. minas. 19  εἶπεν He said δὲ butκαὶ alsoτούτῳ to this (one)Καὶ Alsoσὺ youἐπάνω on topγίνου be coming to beπέντε fiveπόλεων. of cities. 20  καὶ And theἕτερος different (one)ἦλθεν cameλέγων sayingΚύριε, Lord,ἰδοὺ look!theμνᾶ minaσου of youἣν whichεἶχον I was havingἀποκειμένην lying offἐν inσουδαρίῳ· sweat cloth; 21  ἐφοβούμην I was fearing γάρ forσε youὅτι becauseἄνθρωπος manαὐστηρὸς harshεἶ, you are,αἴρεις you are lifting upwhichοὐκ notἔθηκας you depositedκαὶ andθερίζεις you are reapingwhichοὐκ notἔσπειρας. you sowed. 22  λέγει He is saying αὐτῷ to him᾿Εκ Outτοῦ of theστόματός mouthσου of youκρίνω I am judgingσε, you,πονηρὲ wickedδοῦλε· slave;ᾔδεις you knewὅτι thatἐγὼ Iἄνθρωπος manαὐστηρός harshεἰμι, am,αἴρων lifting upwhichοὐκ notἔθηκα I depositedκαὶ andθερίζων reapingwhichοὐκ notἔσπειρα; I sowed? 23  καὶ And διὰ throughτί whatοὐκ notἔδωκάς you gaveμου of meτὸ theἀργύριον silver [money]ἐπὶ uponτράπεζαν; table?κἀγὼ And Iἐλθὼν having comeσὺν together withτόκῳ interestἂν likelyαὐτὸ itἔπραξα. I exacted. 24  καὶ And τοῖς to the (ones)παρεστῶσιν having stood byεἶπεν he saidἌρατε Lift YOU upἀπ’ fromαὐτοῦ himτὴν theμνᾶν minaκαὶ andδότε giveτῷ to the (one)τὰς theδέκα tenμνᾶς minasἔχοντι·— having;— 25  καὶ and εἶπαν they saidαὐτῷ to himΚύριε, Lord,ἔχει he is havingδέκα tenμνᾶς·— minas;— 26  λέγω I am saying ὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatπαντὶ to everyoneτῷ theἔχοντι havingδοθήσεται, it will be given,ἀπὸ fromδὲ butτοῦ the (one)μὴ notἔχοντος havingκαὶ alsowhichἔχει he is havingἀρθήσεται. will be lifted up. 27  Πλὴν Besides τοὺς theἐχθρούς enemiesμου of meτούτους theseτοὺς the (ones)μὴ notθελήσαντάς having been willingμε meβασιλεῦσαι to reignἐπ’ uponαὐτοὺς themἀγάγετε lead YOUὧδε hereκαὶ andκατασφάξατε slaughterαὐτοὺς themἔμπροσθέν in frontμου. of me. 28  Καὶ And εἰπὼν having saidταῦτα these (things)ἐπορεύετο he was goingἔμπροσθεν in frontἀναβαίνων going upεἰς intoἸεροσόλυμα. Jerusalem. 29  Καὶ And ἐγένετο it occurredὡς asἤγγισεν he got nearεἰς intoΒηθφαγὴ Bethphageκαὶ andΒηθανιὰ Bethanyπρὸς towardτὸ theὄρος mountainτὸ the (one)καλούμενον being called᾿Ελαιῶν, of Olives,ἀπέστειλεν he sent forthδύο twoτῶν of theμαθητῶν disciples 30  λέγων saying Ὑπάγετε Be YOU going underεἰς intoτὴν theκατέναντι oppositeκώμην, village,ἐν inwhichεἰσπορευόμενοι enteringεὑρήσετε YOU will findπῶλον coltδεδεμένον, having been tied,ἐφ’ uponὃν whichοὐδεὶς no oneπώποτε at any timeἀνθρώπων of menἐκάθισεν, sat down,καὶ andλύσαντες having loosedαὐτὸν itἀγάγετε. YOU lead. 31  καὶ And ἐάν if everτις anyoneὑμᾶς YOUἐρωτᾷ is questioningΔιὰ Throughτί whatλύετε; are YOU loosing?οὕτως thusἐρεῖτε YOU will sayὅτι thatTheκύριος Lordαὐτοῦ of itχρείαν needἔχει. is having. 32  ἀπελθόντες Having gone off δὲ butοἱ the (ones)ἀπεσταλμένοι having been sent offεὗρον foundκαθὼς according asεἶπεν he saidαὐτοῖς. to them. 33  λυόντων Loosing δὲ butαὐτῶν of themτὸν theπῶλον coltεἶπαν saidοἱ theκύριοι lordsαὐτοῦ of itπρὸς towardαὐτούς themΤί Whyλύετε are YOU loosingτὸν theπῶλον; colt? 34  οἱ The (ones) δὲ butεἶπαν saidὅτι thatTheκύριος Lordαὐτοῦ of itχρείαν needἔχει. is having. 35  καὶ And ἤγαγον they ledαὐτὸν itπρὸς towardτὸν theἸησοῦν, Jesus,καὶ andἐπιρίψαντες having thrown uponαὐτῶν of themτὰ theἱμάτια outer garmentsἐπὶ uponτὸν theπῶλον coltἐπεβίβασαν they set onτὸν theἸησοῦν· Jesus; 36  πορευομένου going δὲ butαὐτοῦ of himὑπεστρώννυον they were spreading underτὰ theἱμάτια outer garmentsἑαυτῶν of selvesἐν inτῇ theὁδῷ. way. 37  ἐγγίζοντος Getting near δὲ butαὐτοῦ of himἤδη alreadyπρὸς towardτῇ theκαταβάσει descentτοῦ of theὌρους Mountainτῶν of the᾿Ελαιῶν Olivesἤρξαντο startedἅπαν allτὸ theπλῆθος multitudeτῶν of theμαθητῶν disciplesχαίροντες rejoicingαἰνεῖν to be praisingτὸν theθεὸν Godφωνῇ to voiceμεγάλῃ greatπερὶ aboutπασῶν allὧν whichεἶδον they sawδυνάμεων, of powers, 38  λέγοντες saying Εὐλογημένος Having been blessedthe (one)ἐρχόμενος, coming,theβασιλεύς, King,ἐν inὀνόματι nameΚυρίου· of Lord;ἐν inοὐρανῷ heavenεἰρήνη peaceκαὶ andδόξα gloryἐν inὑψίστοις. highest [places]. 39  Καί And τινες someτῶν of theΦαρισαίων Phariseesἀπὸ fromτοῦ theὄχλου crowdεἶπαν saidπρὸς towardαὐτόν himΔιδάσκαλε, Teacher,ἐπιτίμησον give rebukeτοῖς to theμαθηταῖς disciplesσου. of you. 40  καὶ And ἀποκριθεὶς having answeredεἶπεν he saidΛέγω I am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,ἐὰν if everοὗτοι theseσιωπήσουσιν, will be silent,οἱ theλίθοι stonesκράξουσιν. will cry out. 41  Καὶ And ὡς asἤγγισεν, he got near,ἰδὼν having seenτὴν theπόλιν cityἔκλαυσεν he weptἐπ’ uponαὐτήν, it, 42  λέγων saying ὅτι thatΕἰ Ifἔγνως you knewἐν inτῇ theἡμέρᾳ dayταύτῃ thisκαὶ alsoσὺ youτὰ the (things)πρὸς towardεἰρήνην— peace—νῦν nowδὲ butἐκρύβη it was hidἀπὸ fromὀφθαλμῶν eyesσου. of you. 43  ὅτι Because ἥξουσιν will arriveἡμέραι daysἐπὶ uponσὲ youκαὶ andπαρεμβαλοῦσιν will throw in besideοἱ theἐχθροί enemiesσου of youχάρακά palisadeσοι to youκαὶ andπερικυκλώσουσίν they will encircleσε youκαὶ andσυνέξουσίν they will distressσε youπάντοθεν, from every side, 44  καὶ and ἐδαφιοῦσίν they will dash to the groundσε youκαὶ andτὰ theτέκνα childrenσου of youἐν inσοί, you,καὶ andοὐκ notἀφήσουσιν they will let go offλίθον stoneἐπὶ uponλίθον stoneἐν inσοί, you,ἀνθ’ insteadὧν of which (things)οὐκ notἔγνως you knewτὸν theκαιρὸν appointed timeτῆς of theἐπισκοπῆς inspectionσου. of you. 45  Καὶ And εἰσελθὼν having enteredεἰς intoτὸ theἱερὸν templeἤρξατο he startedἐκβάλλειν to be throwing outτοὺς the (ones)πωλοῦντας, selling, 46  λέγων saying αὐτοῖς to themΓέγραπται It has been writtenΚαὶ Andἔσται will betheοἶκός houseμου of meοἶκος houseπροσευχῆς, of prayer,ὑμεῖς YOUδὲ butαὐτὸν itἐποιήσατε YOU madeσπήλαιον caveλῃστῶν. of robbers. 47  Καὶ And ἦν he wasδιδάσκων teachingτὸ theκαθ’ according toἡμέραν dayἐν inτῷ theἱερῷ· temple;οἱ theδὲ butἀρχιερεῖς chief priestsκαὶ andοἱ theγραμματεῖς scribesἐζήτουν were seekingαὐτὸν himἀπολέσαι to destroyκαὶ alsoοἱ theπρῶτοι first (ones)τοῦ of theλαοῦ, people, 48  καὶ and οὐχ notηὕρισκον they were findingτὸ theτί whatποιήσωσιν, they might do,theλαὸς peopleγὰρ forἅπας allἐξεκρέμετο was hanging outαὐτοῦ of himἀκούων. hearing.